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Planning a Kids’ Party is Relatively simple, but it can be a challenge when it comes to food.

Everyone is aware that it’s unhealthy to skip breakfast, so if you’re hosting a kids’ party in the morning you should have the best breakfast catering available for your attendees.

Numerous studies have shown that eating a poor breakfast or skipping breakfast can negatively impact your health, and for growing children, it’s important to get their breakfast started right.

Using a catering service or just by being well-researched and DIY-ing it, you can make sure that your party food is delicious, healthy, and within budget.

So here are some of the best ideas to make sure that both the kids and adults enjoy themselves!

Stick to Traditional Tastes

For younger children, familiar tastes are typically preferred to the exotic.

Looking at the savory options that children usually enjoy highlights how the traditional (and often basic) tastes continue to be the most popular among kids.

The most popular flavors would therefore be very simple foods—with cheese and chicken being the most commonly enjoyed.

Remember, however, that adults will also want food that is enjoyable and tasty, so don’t just opt for fried chicken catering or multiple courses of grilled cheese. Spice things up a little—just not too much.

Consider Continental Breakfasts

At any type of party, you are going to want to provide a nutritious hot or cold breakfast.

Just keep in mind that if it’s an outdoor party, as most kids’ parties are, cold breakfast catering is often the more reliable option, as warm breakfast catering will get cold very quickly.

The continental breakfast is typically a cold breakfast, served buffet-style, which is not only very affordable but has long been a crowd favorite. You may provide two or three delectable breakfast food choices, such as:

  • Various baked goods, such as toast, muffins, and croissants
  • Fruit platters for the season
  • Numerous kinds of cereal, granola, and yogurt

Opt for Charcuterie Boards

Finger foods are a common choice, especially as most kids have small appetites and can also be picky.

Charcuterie boards are one of the best breakfast catering ideas as they maintain a classy appeal but are also functional.

To make this process hassle-free, consider catering services that can provide a large variety of ingredients and options which can be served as finger foods.

Remember to get Coffee for the Adults

The best breakfast catering would not be complete without coffee. The parents most likely won’t be ecstatic about a morning party and having to wake up early and be surrounded by loud children. So be sure to make sure coffee is accessible upon arrival and during the event.

Never compromise on the quality of the coffee, as after an early morning start, weak, cold, or tasteless coffee won’t be welcomed.

Make sure you provide a variety of alternative warm beverages, such as black and herbal teas or even hot chocolate, for those who don’t drink coffee.

Help Balance out the Meal with Fresh Juice

For the kids, the healthier crowd, or the people who are trying to cut back on caffeine, fruit juices are the best option to help balance out a rather carb-filled meal.

This is also a great option for parents who are trying to limit their sugar intake, as fizzy and sugary drinks may be overkill early in the morning.

You can never go wrong with the options of orange juice and apple juice.

The Best Breakfast Catering for a Kids’ Party will have Something for Everyone

Remember that even though it’s a children’s party, there will still be adults that attend and who will also be expecting decent service.

The right catering company will be able to balance out these two needs and ensure the best breakfast catering service for all attendees.

Just remember that depending on the food, setting, and degree of service, catering prices might vary greatly.

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