Lunch Box Catering for School Events

Field trips, spirit days, fundraising marathons—school events are the heart and soul of a good school community. But when you’re caught in the middle of the planning whirlwind, one question [...]

7 Scrumptious Catering Ideas for Christmas

Hear that? That’s the sound of jingle bells! Yes, Christmas is on its way and it’s the season to be jolly—and enjoy some great food! Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you’re probably [...]

8 Healthy Breakfast Menus for Catering

For many office workers, a good breakfast helps kick off their day. In fact, research has even shown that most office workers feel more efficient during work after they’ve had a hearty breakfast. [...]

The Ideal Wedding Venues in Pittsburgh

Every couple wants their wedding day to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and will want to make every detail of the ceremony and reception memorable. Whether it’s a stunning centerpiece, the [...]

Creative Vegetarian Lunch Catering Menus

Vegetarian Lunch options don’t necessarily have to taste or look boring. You have the option of incorporating some of the freshest, healthiest ingredients into your meals that will have you going [...]

Examples of Hot and Cold Buffet Options

Start your party off right with a Hot and Cold Buffet Menu! Whether it’s for a birthday brunch or an evening wedding reception, opting for a buffet with a selection of dishes that complement each [...]

Unique Breakfast Food Catering Ideas

Starting your morning with a hearty breakfast provides you with the nourishment you need to tackle the day until lunchtime. Not only does a satisfying breakfast increase levels of productivity, [...]

A Guide to Planning Funeral Catering

Setting up a funeral service and preparing for the rituals when a loved one is no more is a difficult process, and it could be too overwhelming at times. While grieving is a natural part of the [...]

Affordable Wedding Catering Ideas

There’s no denying that your Wedding day may be the most expensive event you ever host in your life. You may have started with a budget and been taken aback by how quickly your expenses exceeded [...]

Unique Christmas Catering Menu Ideas

Every Christmas dinner needs a delectable menu for your guests to enjoy. Traditional dishes like succulent honey-roasted ham and the iconic Christmas pudding are hits at every Christmas dinner. [...]

Love is Patient (Part 4)

September has been deemed the month of Backyard Weddings, and we couldn’t be loving them more! We kicked off the first weekend with Krista and Charlie in her parent’s backyard after [...]

Love is Patient (Part 3)

Weddings are resuming and we’re loving weekly reminders that love isn’t canceled! We’ve truly seen more love and pure joy in weddings this year than ever before. Of course, weddings prior to this [...]

Love is Patient (Part 2)

Couples aren’t the only ones having their emotions tested this year. While wedding vendors are all about helping our clients, we’ve been thrown enough curve balls and plot twists for [...]

Summer Wedding Catering Ideas

A lot goes into making a wedding celebration a success. Consider these Summer Wedding Catering ideas to make your big day a success! Selecting a dress, a venue, floral arrangements, and food [...]

Love is Patient

Couples in 2020 surely have had their patience along with every other emotion tested this year. From postponing and rescheduling to juggling ever-changing state guidelines and restrictions, [...]

Wedding Catering Trends for 2022

For thousands of years, weddings have been a special way to celebrate the formal union of two people. Ever since 2350 B.C., when the first formal marriage took place in Mesopotamia, different [...]

Healthy Breakfast Catering Ideas

It might sound cliché, but breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. We all know that these words of wisdom go by the waist side when it comes to events where free food is [...]

Affordable Event Catering Ideas

Whether it’s a family gathering at your home or an upcoming corporate event at your office, providing your guests with quality food is essential. In most cases, food is not the central [...]

Affordable Wedding Catering Tips

As you know, weddings can be extremely emotional and exciting, but they don’t have to be stressful! Now that the engagement process is over it’s time to start planning for the most [...]

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