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Company Picnics are Occasions most employees look forward to as they get to wind down, enjoy group activities, and indulge in some good food.

Hosting a corporate picnic, however, might get a little stressful, especially when it comes to catering to a large group of people. Your employees are likely to have a big appetite too after taking part in a lot of physical activities, so making sure they’re all well-fed is a priority.

Picnic food often consists of easy-to-eat items such as sandwiches, quiches, and salads. Sandwiches are a picnic staple as they’re easy to make and eat, and convenient to store until they’re ready to be consumed.

A caterer who’s known to make the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh PA should be able to provide you with the perfect range of sandwiches for your corporate picnic.

Here are some of the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh PA that your employees are bound to enjoy during a fun and relaxed afternoon so that you can check whether your caterer can incorporate them into your corporate picnic.

Stuffed Rainbow Baguettes

These colorful sandwiches won’t only add a burst of color to your picnic table, but they will also be an option that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy as well.

They are baguettes filled with vibrant vegetables like beetroot, green leaves, red peppers, and carrots along with hummus and pesto. You also have the option of asking your caterer to add cheddar cheese slices.

An experienced caterer would wrap the baguettes in parchment paper and tie them with a string when transporting them.

Crispy Chicken and Smashed Avocado Sandwiches

These healthy, light sandwiches are the perfect option to munch while spending the whole day outdoors.

They are bread rolls filled with crisp lettuce, a creamy avocado spread, and crispy fried chicken coated with flour, almonds, and sesame seeds.

Once assembled, the sandwiches are usually cut in half and packed in containers or wrapped in sandwich paper.

Cuban Sandwiches

These are Floridian classics. They are easy-to-make, filling sandwiches, perfect for a picnic. While they were originally grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, they now have a variation that consists of pork and ham only.

They are a delicious, juicy combination of pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard stuffed into Cuban bread, making them the ultimate sandwich. French or Italian bread is sometimes used in place of Cuban bread.

The best thing about these sandwiches is that they can be served hot or cold, which is why they’re perfect for a picnic.

Pressed Muffuletta Sandwiches

These sandwiches are delicious and can be whipped up in little to no time, making them the ideal last-minute option.

The muffuletta bread is sliced and spread with an olive salad mix made of olives, banana peppers, giardiniera, and pickled red onions. It is then topped with high-quality deli meat and sliced mozzarella and provolone.

What makes this one of the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh PA for a picnic is that the flavor intensifies the longer the juices from the olive mix soak into the bread.

Shrimp Salad Sandwiches

These are a refreshing option that’s light and just the type of sandwich you need for lunch on a summer day.

Shrimp salad, consisting of shrimp, scallions, celery, lemon juice, mayo, and seasonings, is piled on a toasted bun and followed by greens or even shredded lettuce.

You can opt out of using mayonnaise if you plan on serving them as finger sandwiches as you wouldn’t want to inconvenience your employees.

Get in touch with a Local Caterer for the Best Sandwiches in Pittsburgh PA

If you’re looking for the perfect selection of sandwiches for your next corporate picnic, make sure to get in touch with the best catering in Pittsburgh to help you dish out the most amazing picnic spread.

Incorporating the above-mentioned sandwich options is bound to boost your employees’ morale and create a positive team spirit.

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