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A eedding is an incredibly special occasion where you get to meet friends and family to celebrate the creation of a new family.

It’s all about sharing love and joy, and of course, there’s the added happiness of sitting down for a great meal.

In the spirit of inclusion, however, you also need to make sure your wedding catering in Pittsburgh is designed to allow everyone to partake in everything that’s offered despite any special dietary requirements, whether it’s a lifestyle choice, religious choice, an allergy, or an intolerance.

If you’re inviting your family, friends, and colleagues, chances are you’re going to have someone with a special dietary requirement attending.

Around 10% of US adults have some form of food intolerance, not counting those who may be vegan or vegetarian or may abstain from certain meats.

This is why ensuring your wedding catering Pittsburgh is inclusive of everyone is essential to having a joyful celebration.

Obtain Information from your Guests about any Special Dietary Requirements

When you’re sending out wedding invitations, mention that guests should speak to you about any special dietary requirements they may have.

It’s not practical to cater to all dietary restrictions, as options will then be extremely limited. So speaking to your guests before deciding on your menu makes it much easier to organize your wedding catering , as you’ll be able to inform your caterer of all your requirements.

Giving your guests a date by which they have to inform you regarding any dietary restrictions will ensure you receive all the information promptly.

This way, you can seamlessly plan your wedding menu with your caterer, without having any last-minute surprises of perhaps a distant aunt who is on a low-FODMAP diet.

Find a Caterer that accommodates Special Dietary Requirements Efficiently

While some caterers claim that they can accommodate special dietary needs, you must find out exactly what their processes are and how they ensure the food they cater will be safe to eat for all attendees.

With allergies, it’s incredibly important that your caterer avoids cross-contamination, as it’s a high risk for many people with food allergies. Ask your potential caterer exactly how they work to prevent this risk.

Even the tiniest amount of a particular ingredient getting into their food could lead to a bad reaction, so it’s not to be taken lightly.

The same principle applies to special diets; for example, a spoon that has touched chicken broth shouldn’t be used to stir vegetable broth.

If there are certain diets related to religion, your caterer should respect such requirements and ensure nothing is amiss. For instance, if you’re catering for followers of Islam, your caterer shouldn’t cook other meat dishes using the same equipment they used for a pork dish.

Ensure all the Dishes Being Prepared by your Caterer are up to Standard

While your caterer might be good at preparing the usual dishes up to standard, you should ensure that even the dishes made for those with special dietary requirements are still tasty.

You can ask for a sample tasting so that you can know firsthand whether your guests will enjoy all the dishes being offered for your wedding catering in Pittsburgh.

The last thing you want is for those with special dietary requirements to be given the short end of the straw just because they don’t eat what everyone else does.

Make Sure Everyone is included when Planning your Wedding Catering in Pittsburgh

Food is one of the best ways to bring people together. Being inclusive with your food choices is paramount in making everyone feel welcome.

So when choosing your preferred type of wedding catering services and planning your wedding menu, keep in mind that you’re always catering for everyone in the room, not just the majority.

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