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Corporate Picnics are a great way to help boost morale and make your employees feel valued.

It is especially pleasant during the warmer months and can provide a great stress-relieving atmosphere for your staff to let loose.

Whenever we think about picnics, they often seem like a very laid-back, casual affair. But catering a picnic is very different from office lunch catering—particularly when it comes to deciding the menu and venue.

Most of the hassle with outdoor catering comes with the transportation of kitchen equipment and supplies, which means that you will likely not be looking at the most complex menu for the event. A catering company can still provide you with sufficient supplies to ensure that all your needs are met within the desired budget.

Here are a few things you should consider if you’re planning a corporate picnic.

The Menu

Since the event will be taking place outdoors, it’s better to serve items that are easy to eat and don’t require too many utensils.

Sandwiches, skewered meats, wraps, simple salads, or hot dogs can be great options for a picnic. Remember that when deciding the menu, you should make note of any food allergies or special dietary requirements your guests have.

You will also have to decide on how extensive the menu is—most people opt for a couple of appetizers and a few mains. But, you can venture into desserts and beverages if the occasion calls for it.

The Theme

You might already have an idea of what you want this picnic to look like. Your caterer can help you fulfill this vision through your food by adding dishes that will fit in with your theme.

For instance, if it’s a sports-themed picnic, hot dogs are a great choice. You can figure out a menu along those lines or have a specialized dish that can champion the theme in the picnic catering menu.

You can also talk to your catering service about a certain color palette if you don’t have a particular theme in mind. They would be able to incorporate this color either with some of the beverage/dessert items or with the utensils and cutlery.

The Venue

While outdoor events typically mean that most kitchen equipment is out of the question, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of on-site catering.

When picking the venue for the picnic, you should figure out whether the catering company can set up its catering station. If it is a public place, you may even need to look into whether permits are required.

You should always discuss the venue with your catering company because while you might be partial to certain venues due to atmosphere or charm, it might not necessarily be friendly to caterers.

For instance, one of the most basic requirements is ensuring that the area has enough space to accommodate any grilling or catering stations. The weather could also be an issue, so you might have to discuss what your options are in terms of getting a tent or some sort of shelter.

When you are choosing a venue for picnics, ensure that you have an understanding of your caterer’s requirements for on-site catering so that your picnic can run as smoothly as possible.

You can also ask your caterer for suggestions for venues that they prefer to work at.


If you don’t want on-site picnic catering, you can always opt for personal lunch boxes—these are versatile and can easily be prepared the day before the picnic.

Lunchboxes are especially handy if you want hands-off picnic catering.

What’s more, these boxes can be customized according to the dietary requirements and preferences of individual guests, ensuring all your guests can decide exactly what they want to eat.

Make your Outdoor Corporate Events easy with Picnic Catering

While outdoor picnic catering can be a hassle, with the right catering company, you can ensure a smooth event that will make all your guests happy and satisfied.

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