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The Traditional Sandwich and Salad Catering options can get old after a while so why don’t you spice things with Affordable Lunch Catering Ideas that are both refreshing and unique?

Whether you’re tired of the same, old boring lunches or you have a critical mid-day meeting with a client you want to impress, the Cooked Goose Catering Company is here to help!


Take a look at our top 5 affordable lunch catering ideas below:

Brunch Options


Are you catering for a mid-morning meeting? If so, then you should bring in the best of both worlds by presenting your employees with some breakfast favorites such as fresh fruit, pastries, and crepes with savory selections such as side dishes, hot proteins, and fresh salads.

The good thing about ordering catering for your company is that you get to work directly with the catering company to put a unique brunch menu, which will bring everyone together and set the tone for an efficient and productive day.

Go Organic


Whatever your office specializes in or wherever you may be located, organic is a food trend that’s here to stay, not to mention it is good for one’s health. Opting for organic office breakfast and lunches guarantees your employees are eating clean, supporting healthy eating habits, and helping local farmers at the same time.

Organized Buffets

Most people think that buffets are more pricey than single meals. That can be true at specific high-end restaurants. However, buffets are cheaper when catering in-office. Luckily, The Cooked Goose Catering Company offers a traditional assorted sandwich buffet for only $10.95/pp.

Boxed Lunches


The Cooked Goose Catering Company’s boxed lunches include sandwiches, wraps, chips, and your choice of coleslaw, potato salad, and pasta salad. Our minimum order is ten box lunches and permits a selection of four types of sandwiches and wraps for every order. How amazing is that?

Pizza Parties


Seriously, who doesn’t love pizza? This cheap office lunch catering option certainly doesn’t get enough credit. And thankfully for you, the Goose Express offers pizza created with homemade dough, cooked to perfection, with a plethora of topping choices.


Make sure you keep all these best affordable office lunch catering ideas in mind to satisfy your workers and prevent breaking the bank. With Cooked Goose Catering, you can offer your employees homemade lunches in the office without going over the budget. Whether you’re looking for boxed lunches or a more comprehensive selection of options in smaller portion sizes, we’re here to help.

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