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Grabbing a Quick Breakfast Muffin or Bagel in the Morning is a Common go-to.

While this is probably the easiest option to start a busy morning, it isn’t the most filling.

Whether you’re looking to give your employees an energetic start to their day or you’re planning a breakfast gathering for your family and friends, serving a delectable and hearty breakfast spread is the way to go.

Professional caterers can help you come up with some innovative hot breakfast catering ideas for a warm meal that will have your employees or guests full and happy till lunchtime.

Here are 4 Delicious options you can include in your Breakfast Menu.

Mediterranean-Inspired Scrambled Eggs

What better way to start your morning than with fluffy scrambled eggs?

Try out this classic egg dish with a Mediterranean twist that will make the perfect hot breakfast catering option to pick.

Scrambled eggs with juicy cherry tomatoes paired with aromatic basil leaves and freshly grated cheese can instantly enhance the humble scrambled eggs while transporting your guests to the Mediterranean region with each bite.

Country Ham French Toast

Give your guests the best of both worlds by incorporating two breakfast classics—French toast and ham. While the ham is being cooked in the pan, bread that’s been dipped in the egg mixture is placed on top of the ham.

The ham and bread will crisp up to perfection and you’re left with a delightful, golden-brown breakfast dish that can be served on its own or with maple syrup.

If you have guests who prefer not to consume meat, you can always ask your caterer to prepare a separate batch of French toast without the ham.

Hash Browns with a Spicy Twist

Hash browns are probably the simplest yet most popular breakfast foods. A batch of crispy, warm hash browns will have your guests going for seconds or even thirds!

Offer your guests a delightful twist on the regular hash browns by elevating them with a hint of spice. A professional caterer will make sure that the level of spice isn’t overwhelming and that you can taste the potatoes.

Spicy hash browns will pair deliciously with the Mediterranean-inspired scrambled eggs mentioned before.

Mini Sausage Kabobs

Make your breakfast event special by including this delicious, easy-to-eat option. These kabobs are easy to put together and can be made with your choice of sausage.

Caterers can recommend the best sausages that can be used for the kabobs, which include smoked sausages, ground breakfast sausages, and cocktail sausages, among others—for a variety of flavors.

You can also request your caterer to include dipping sauces to accompany the kabobs if necessary.

Caterers in Pittsburgh Provide the Best Hot Breakfast Catering Options for your next Early-Morning Event

Including some unique dishes in your next breakfast spread is sure to have your guests talking about them long after.

Get in touch with some of the best caterers in the Pittsburgh area who can provide you with the ideal hot and cold buffet menu options to help you make your decision when selecting hot breakfast foods.

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