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When you’re hosting a christening party, you want to make it one that’s memorable for the person you’re celebrating and your guests.

And what better way to host a timeless christening party than having an amazing buffet?

Food is a staple at any party, but for very important occasions like a christening, you’ll want to go big with a beautifully spread-out buffet. But the thing is, you can’t really throw just about anything in there; you need to plan the buffet out carefully.

Here are some great ideas for a christening buffet and some tips on how to plan one out perfectly.

Tip #1: Come Up with a Theme

The christening buffet you’re going to host should reflect the person you’re hosting it for. For example, if you host the buffet for a child, you can give your buffet table a more child-like aesthetic and you can include small food items that kids will love, such as chicken tenders, cookies, and cupcakes.

Also, you could give the table a specific color theme, such as blue for boys and pink for girls, or a mix of blue and pink if you’re celebrating the christening of a boy and a girl at the same time. You can even opt for a gender-neutral color like yellow or green.

Tip #2: Label Foods with Potential Allergens

A christening buffet is supposed to be a fun event, so you should try to reduce the likelihood of any emergencies. One way to do this is carefully labeling any foods that may have potential allergens to warn anyone with allergies about the food they’re about to eat.

You should also consider placing food at the buffet with potential allergens, like nuts, out of the reach of small children. If you’re working with a catering company, make sure to ask them if their catering menu packages have any potential allergens.

Tip #3: Consider the Number of Guests

Before deciding on what food items you’re going to have at your christening buffet, you need to check how many people will be attending the event.

When you have a rough estimate of how many people will be attending the christening buffet, you can determine the portion sizes the buffet will have. By ordering just the right amount of food, you can both save money and reduce food wastage.

Tip #4: Keep the Food Fresh and Warm

During the event, the food at the buffet will be set out for a long time. To keep all the dishes fresh and warm, consider having them served on slow cookers and warming trays. For cold dishes, you should have them placed on ice trays or coolers.

Catering services usually have methods in place to keep food fresh throughout the event, so make sure to let them know how long the event will go on so that they can provide the necessary heating and cooling equipment.

Some Tasty Ideas for a Christening Buffet

So now that we have the planning phase out of the way, here are some great food options that you can treat your guests to at the event;

Hot and Cold Buffet Items

Instead of just having hot buffet foods, treat your guests to a spread of both hot and cold food items. By cold, we don’t just mean desserts—these can include savories, like cold cut meats and some choice veggies too.

Here are great cold buffet items you can include:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Potato salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Assorted cheese
  • Assorted breads
  • Cucumber tomato onion salad
  • Coleslaw

Don’t forget to add some condiments, like dips and ketchup, to go with the cold dishes.

Savory Chicken and Veggies

No buffet is quite complete without some juicy chicken so make sure to include a variety of chicken-based dishes into your christening buffet menu. Some delicious chicken dishes include:

  • Stuffed chicken breast with gravy
  • Jumbo wings
  • Chicken Italiano
  • Classic fried chicken

For your vegetarian guests, don’t forget to throw in some tasty veggie delights. Here are some veggie items that you can include:

  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Buttered corn niblets
  • Au Gratin potatoes
  • Green bean almondine
  • Vegetable lasagne

You don’t have to stick with chicken. You can try including other meats like roast beef and ham if you’re looking for more variety.

Get great ideas for a christening buffet from a good catering company

A christening is a very valuable event that needs to be celebrated in the best way possible. If you’re looking to host an amazing christening party for a loved one, get in touch with a good catering company in Pittsburgh today for some great christening buffet ideas!

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