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Everyone Loves Brunch.

It’s one of those meals that give you all the warm breakfast foods you love alongside some heavier and meatier lunch offerings.

The challenge, however, is to plan brunch food catering that strikes that perfect balance, particularly for a large group of people.

There are a bunch of different things to consider when organizing this type of event, especially when accounting for all the diverse tastes and special dietary requirements of your guests.

It can easily get overwhelming, but here are some handy tips that can help the planning go a lot smoother so that your catering company can ensure all your guests leave your event satisfied.

Count the Number of Guests

A caterer will be able to provide you with everything you need to serve your guests, but it’s important to provide them with as much information as possible about your guests.

The more information you can give your caterer, the better.

Most importantly, the information you provide should include at least a rough estimate of the number of guests that will be attending. This will help your caterer figure out the appropriate quantities of food they will need to prepare.

It is always better to overestimate the number of guests than underestimate it—because you don’t want anyone leaving your event hungry!

Stick to crowd-pleasers

While it’s easy to get carried away with all the various brunch food catering options available, with large groups of people, it’s always better to stick with foods that you know everyone will enjoy.

This might make the menu a little less exciting, but it’s better to have standard offerings rather than anything too groundbreaking because while some people love new foods and combinations, they may not be everyone else’s favorite.

The aim of any brunch catering spread is to make all your guests leave feeling entirely satisfied.

Limit Menu options

Having a huge selection of different menu items may seem like a good idea, but when catering for a large group of people it’s much simpler to deal with a few reliable brunch catering menu items depending on the specific occasion.

This will make it a lot easier for your catering company as they can focus on a few items, which will use up the same set of ingredients.

Also keep in mind that when catering for large crowds, it would be better to reduce the amount of time that guests spend waiting in queues to eat.

Having fewer options will ensure that guests spend less time deciding what to serve, making for shorter queues and more people getting their food faster.

Check Dietary Requirements

You should also be asking your guests whether they have any special dietary restrictions so that you can ensure your brunch food catering can be enjoyed by everyone.

So be sure to double-check whether any guests attending have certain allergies, are lactose intolerant, or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

As mentioned in the third tip, since you’ll be limiting your menu options as much as possible, knowing your guests’ dietary requirements in advance can help you build the best menu for any occasion.

Consider the event style

Depending on the type of event you will be hosting, the catering style required to serve your guests will also be affected.

For more formal affairs, you can offer finger foods or canapés so people can mingle or network with each other while snacking. This is also a good option if you have limited seating available at your venue.

Brunch foods can be made into mini-sized versions easily (for instance mini donuts, mini toasts, or mini croissants) which lend themselves perfectly to finger foods.

Buffet-style brunch food catering can be a great option for a more laidback function and it has the added benefit of being economical too since larger groups will be attending.

Make your Brunch food Catering easy with a reliable Catering Service

Brunch is one of those in-between meals that everyone loves to enjoy. While an event feeding a large group of people may feel like a challenge to organize, hiring a good catering company can help ease the burden immensely.

They will have the experience to deduce what works and what doesn’t and they will be available to give you advice on how to deal with your large guest list.

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