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Bridal Showers—a perfect way to take the stress of planning a Wedding off of the brides in your life, let them blow off some steam, and enjoy a good time with their girlfriends.

With the perks of being a bridesmaid comes many responsibilities. One of the many tasks that rest on your shoulders is throwing a bridal party they won’t forget!

From the decorations to the venue options and guest lists, it can be quite the juggling act to make sure you’ve ticked all the items on your to-do list.

With the hype surrounding a bridal shower, it’s best to keep in mind that the main highlight for guests (second only to celebrating the bride) is the food.

Picking out a menu that will wow your guests can be daunting. If your bride is someone who enjoys a good brunch, then here are some brunch catering menu ideas that will help you get the ball rolling.

Can’t go wrong with Cocktails/Mocktails

Nothing says brunch-time bridal shower like an open mimosa bar.

The first step to setting up your bar is choosing the bubbly your bar will feature.

Whether it’s champagne, prosecco, or even some rosé if you’re trying to stay on the theme—choose the bride’s drink of choice and work from there.

After this step, make sure your bar is stocked with an assortment of fruit juices. We’ve found watermelon, orange, and pomegranate to be popular choices to accompany your bubbly.

Finally, give your guests the option of garnishing their drinks with fruit and berries, and let the party get started!

If you have guests on the list that don’t want to be served alcohol, or if you just want to diversify the options available to your guests, make sure to add a fancy mocktail to your menu.

Serve up some finger Foods

This brunch stop is where you can unleash your creativity.

The best part about organizing a brunch-themed bridal shower is that you can forgo the full-fledged elaborate breakfast or lunch menus and opt for simple yet satisfying finger foods that will pair well with your drinks.

Finger foods are a staple at a brunch bridal shower, and they’re a great way to make sure your guests can snack while still participating in the other events you have planned for the day.

You can have customized charcuterie boards with a mix of cheeses and a selection of cured meats like salami, prosciutto, and bacon. Finish up your board with a variety of crackers, fruits, and delicious dipping sauces and spreads.

If you have a specific brunch theme planned, impress your guests by seeing your theme through with your appetizer selection as well.

Now for the Main Course

Brunch catering menus are the ideal hybrid to work with because you get to mix and match both your favorite breakfast and lunch foods.

If you’re opting for an elegant affair, go for a more refined menu with options like smoked salmon, lump crab cakes, grilled chicken, and shrimp cocktails. Pair these with sides like pasta or potato salad.

Going for a more fun event? Why not take your menu theme to the next level with a taco station for your guests to make their own tacos, or have an Italian menu that will transport them to the Italian countryside.

You can also choose to hire a catering service that will help you create a blissful menu that will leave the bride-to-be in complete awe.

Don’t skip out on the Desserts

Desserts are the best finish to your brunch catering menu. Not only is it an essential part of the meal, but a dessert table packed with cute sweets and treats is the perfect, aesthetically pleasing centerpiece.

Wrap up your successful celebration with themed cakes or wedding dress cutout cookies. Cupcakes are another go-to in the brunch scene, and an easy dessert to thoughtfully decorate and match the theme.

Another rising trend for bridal shower catering is a well-stocked candy bar with personalized, sealable bags that your guests can fill up with their favorite candies to indulge in or even take back home.

Have a Brunch Catering Menu that the bride-to-be will love

While throwing the perfect bridal shower can be hectic, laying out a thoughtful brunch catering menu can make for the perfect send-off for the bride-to-be you know and love.

If planning a great menu is not your forte, reach out to a catering company that can help customize a menu just for you.

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