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It’s the start of a whole new year full of new possibilities, and that means a plethora of new and Exciting Catering Ideas for you to try out.

2021 went by fast, but we did get to see some interesting catering trends. Many of the most popular catering trends, such as meat-focused menus, for instance, are now slowly fading into the background in favor of healthier, more environmentally conscious options, like plant-based foods.

It’s a whole new beginning and a chance to make your corporate or personal events a lot more interesting—and what better way to do this than by giving your guests a culinary experience they won’t soon forget?

Here are a few up-and-coming catering trends that you can look forward to in 2022.

Plant-Based Cuisines

As we mentioned before, meat isn’t as popular as it once was.

In 2021, plant-based foods started to get more attention and we can safely anticipate that in 2022, plant-based catering options are here to stay.

A plant-based menu may be a bit difficult for some to get accustomed to, but there are a few ways you can make these items more exciting by:

Replacing real Meat with Plant-Based Meat

These meats are made entirely from plant materials like soybeans, rice, potatoes, and tofu. They taste very similar to the real meat and have a similar texture too.

Making Patties out of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are surprisingly versatile, and their umami flavor and texture make them especially delectable when grilled and substituted for traditionally meat-based hamburger patties.

Creating DIY Grain Bowls

Serving mixed grains in bowls is a great appetizer. Set up a DIY table where your guests can mix different kinds of grain, like quinoa and chickpeas. You can even include some crunchy veggies to go with the grain.

Plant-based catering menus may seem like a fad, but their popularity just keeps growing. These menus are very flexible, so working with a professional catering service may help you discover the best ways to present them to your guests.

Take-out style Catering

take-out style catering

The recent pandemic has brought many changes to the food industry, and safety protocols and regulations during this period have given rise to some avant-garde catering trends. One such trend is take-out style catering, which is great for casual events.

Dishes can be presented in fun packaging, representing fast-food chains’ containers, Chinese takeaway boxes, or bento box-style containers. To make it more interesting, you can leave the boxes unmarked, so that each meal will be a surprise for your guests.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to classify the surprise boxes according to dietary requirements and allergies, so that your guests will be assured that they can enjoy the meal in the boxes they pick.

This also means that your guests can take their leftovers home when the event ends.

Sweet Breakfast Catering Menus

Breakfast catering menus tend to be pretty simple, but recently, breakfast food items have started to incorporate an almost dessert-like quality.

If you’re having a morning event, then a breakfast catering menu with sweet breakfast options that taste like dessert can give your guests with a sweet tooth a real treat.

Here are a few tasty ideas:

Sweet Pancakes

A pancake station with fruit, nut and sweet toppings like macadamia, chocolate, and banana are great additions to your menu.

Overnight Oats

Not just delicious, these are very nutritious too. Made from oats, chia seeds, berries, and milk, overnight oats have a texture similar to pudding.

Chocolate and Banana Muffins

Packed with pieces of banana and smothered in chocolate, these muffins are a quick and easy snack. Sweet breakfast catering menus can also be put together for children’s events or outdoor festivals.

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are a staple at most events, be it a family event or a corporate holiday party. As of 2022, however, alcoholic drinks have frequently been joined by non-alcoholic alternatives that have risen in popularity.

Today, there are many non-alcoholic beverages available, and some of them have an identical flavor to their alcoholic counterparts.

If you plan to have a cocktail bar or have alcoholic beverages passed around for your guests, consider including some non-alcoholic options as well. This way, there’s something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for more Great Catering Trends

The year has only just begun, but there are already some clever catering trends out there that can put a twist on any occasion.

To take advantage of all the great catering trends on the horizon, work with a well-known catering company.

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