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Business Catering is often overlooked when business owners want to host a special event or holiday party.

Not only does it save you time, hassle and money, but it allows you to focus on what’s most important about the event: your employees. In addition to that, you can pick and choose what you want from the caterer’s menu and have it delivered to you in advance of your special event.


Below are a few reasons why you should consider a professional business catering company vs doing everything yourself:

Cost-Effective Menu Options

In most cases, catering companies will have a variety of different menus that you can pick and choose from, which often range in price depending on the cost of the ingredients and the level of preparation needed.

Menu items like assorted meat, cheese and vegetables latter are perfect starters for any special event. Other affordable, mouthwatering appetizers include bruschetta with baguettes, homemade meatballs and black bean corn salsa and chips.

When it comes to the entrée part of the menu, you can’t go wrong with our stuffed chicken breast and gravy, homemade lasagna, famous roast beef, or creamy chicken breast. All of these entrées can be paired with a potato, vegetable, or salad from the caterer’s menu.

If you’re looking for affordable dessert options, brownie trays and assorted pies are always a great option.

Buffet Style Menu Options

Top Affordable Office Catering Companies

If you’re looking for the most affordable business catering option, then we suggest that you consider a buffet-style menu. Not only does this give your employees a variety of food options, but the setup is very straightforward and allows them to serve themselves at their convenience.

Cost-Effective Service Options

Caterers, just like restaurants, work diligently to keep their food costs low. Even caterers who run the most efficient operations often spend just as much, or more, on the labor and preparation needed for large events.

Make sure to consult your caterer in advance to see what kind of service options are available for large events. In most cases, you can either pick up the food on your own, have it delivered, or have them take care of everything (e.g. full-service catering).

Order Only What You Need

A common mistake that many businesses make is ordering more food than they need. Caterers know the ins and outs of event sizes and the recommended portions, and their menus often reflect that. What many people like about Cooked Goose Catering is the size of their portions because they always have leftovers to take home after the event!

Ask the Caterer for Budget-Friendly Catering Tips

It never hurts to let your caterer know that you’re working on a limited budget. These specialists can offer you low-cost menu options and recommendations to get you the best bang for your buck. This is especially true for Cooked Goose Catering Company, Pittsburgh’s most-trusted business catering company for over 35 years!

For more information about our business catering menus and packages, contact us today at 412-258-5944.

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