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The Combination of a Work Meeting and an Early Morning start at that isn’t something most people look forward to.

The combination of a warm croissant and a cup of coffee, however, might just be the lifeline your employees need to start the day.

Corporate breakfast training for your early morning meeting can boost employee performance throughout the day, especially if it’s a breakfast to remember.

Hiring a caterer for your breakfast meetings will allow you to curate a menu depending on the number of attendees, dietary requirements, and type of food that’s served based on the duration of the meeting. 

You can also choose from a range of office breakfast catering options suitable for an early morning meeting such as:

  • Breakfast Buffets: For a wider selection that can cater for a larger crowd
  • Continental Breakfast: For a less formal meeting consisting of light breakfast foods
  • Breakfast Stations: For a formal setting where food is made fresh upon request
  • Healthy Breakfast: For smaller meetings with a lot of low-fat, multigrain options

Keeping these options in mind, here are some reasons you should consider hiring a corporate breakfast catering service for your next early morning office meeting.

Less Time-Consuming

You don’t have to run to the nearest bakery to buy two varieties of breakfast food which will most likely remain untouched at a morning meeting.

A professional caterer will take care of everything, from sourcing the ingredients and helping to plan the menu, to making sure there’s a delectable spread when you get to work.

Hiring a caterer for your morning meetings will allow you to focus on the importance of the meeting without having to stress about your employees having a hearty breakfast.

Professional Service from the get-go

Your selection of breakfast foods is prepared by expert chefs. Professional cooks will always priorities hygiene so there’s no risk of undercooked food or cross-contamination.

What’s a good breakfast without some hot or cold beverages? Tea, coffee, juice, and other beverages will be handled by a professional catering service upon request.

Professional caterers will also appoint a team to set up the breakfast table and serve and attend to all meeting attendees.

Safe and Clean Food is Ensured

A corporate breakfast catering service will store all their ingredients and prepped meals at the right temperatures depending on the climate and weather conditions.

Professional caterers pack and seal the food in storage containers during delivery until it’s ready to be served.

Food safety is guaranteed, therefore, ensuring your employees get the best of the best to start their day rejuvenated.

Wide Variety of Food to Choose From

Professional caterers will usually offer a wide range of breakfast food items for you to choose from—this provides many options for your employees as opposed to the usual 2-3 breakfast items from the closest bakery.

Whether it’s a formal or casual breakfast meeting and depending on the number of attendees, items can be added or removed accordingly for the perfect breakfast spread.

Your employees’ dietary requirements will also be taken into consideration with the multiple items that will be available, so there will be something for everyone.

Cost-Effective Service

The more budget-friendly, the better, especially for an office meeting. Hosting a corporate breakfast meeting without enlisting the help of a professional may lead you to spend more than you should, especially if you’re unsure about what hosting a corporate breakfast entails in general.

Professional catering services have the expertise to estimate how much food is required to serve your breakfast meeting depending on the number of attendees.

This allows them to purchase ingredients in specific quantities, eliminating unnecessary costs.

Hire the Best Corporate Breakfast Catering Service for your next Morning Meeting

Do your research before hiring a corporate breakfast catering company. Make sure they’re licensed and insured and are experienced to cater for a corporate breakfast.

If you’re in the Greater Pittsburgh area and looking to host an early morning corporate meeting that will motivate and energize your employees for work, contact your local caterer for a delicious breakfast to accompany it.

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