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You would certainly agree that Saturdays and Sundays should definitely be reserved for your brunch plans.

After 5 days of running around being busy with chores and work, the weekends are when you can sleep in, wake up around 10 am, and get ready to go out with your friends and unwind. Brunch is now immensely popular with the dominance of social media influencing, and cafes and restaurants are now coming up with the most delicious and creative brunch menus.

Also, brunch is just about the right time between breakfast and lunch and offers a distinctive and adaptable dining experience that sets it apart from conventional meal options, whether you’re organizing a social gathering, a corporate event, or even a birthday party. What’s great is that brunch offers creative and innovative space to come up with menu choices that go beyond what is typically offered for breakfast or lunch.

Regardless of the event, the opportunity to mix and mingle with the people you love is one of the most delightful features of brunch. But what if you want to host a brunch event rather than go someplace else? Well, whether you’re planning a corporate event or just about any other event for your family, you can get brunch catered. Here are some go-to brunch catering menu ideas.

Build-Your-Own Brunch Station

The option for guests to customize their meals is one of the best features of getting your brunch event catered. Consider a build-your-own brunch station that guarantees everyone gets exactly what they want. All cravings will be satisfied. A build-your-own brunch station with several types of toast or bagels, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sausage, different cheese types, and spreads like cream cheese, avocado, and flavored mayonnaise would definitely be a hit with your guests.

Treat your visitors to a delectable range of freshly prepared pancakes or waffles. Toppings like whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate chips, nuts, flavored syrups, caramel sauce, and powdered sugar are among the many options you can offer. This gives your guests the option to mix and match sweet and savory and build their own brunch meal according to their preferences. You could always pair this with a few options of fruit juices and coffee. This option can cover all your bases.

Traditional-with-a-Twist Brunch Spread

When you think of “brunch”, the dishes that come to your mind may be numerous. Some may prefer a meal slightly on the heavier side while others may be happy and satisfied with just a dish of mini pancakes. So while traditional brunch options are always popular, giving it a unique spin can fancy up your brunch catering menu. Put your own twist on the traditional dishes, with input from your catering company, and treat your guests to a unique spread.

Spread the love with a delicious bagel and lox spread that includes a variety of bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, sliced red onions, and fresh dill. Serve a range of frittatas or quiches with various fixings, such as ham and asparagus, spinach and feta, and mushrooms and cheese. These savory choices are practical because they can be eaten warm or at room temperature and they will be a hit thanks to their flavorful and fluffy texture.

Citrusy-Sugary-Cheesy Brunch Choices

Astound your guests with a colorful array of seasonal fruits, such as melons, berries, grapes, and citrus fruits in various stages of slicing. Ask your catering company to prepare a welcoming display and serve a fruit dip or yogurt sauce on the side for an extra taste boost. Alternatively, you can offer a variety of tiny muffins, croissants, Danish pastries, cinnamon rolls, and scones, as well as other baked goods.

If you’re looking for snacks you could always provide a spread of different types of cheese and cold cuts along with some nuts and other fixings and allow guests to plate up their own mini charcuterie boards. In comparison to other brunch catering menu ideas, this can satisfy a variety of tastes and preferences by providing both savory and sweet alternatives on one personal board, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Go all out with these brunch catering menu ideas

Brunch is that time of the day that’s filled with laughter, good food, probably a mimosa in hand, and a whole lot of stories on a Sunday afternoon. Whether it’s a corporate event, a baby shower, or a bachelorette outing, these brunch catering menu ideas will definitely work for you. But perhaps consider some healthy brunch catering ideas as well for your health-conscious guests.

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