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Looking for healthy brunch catering ideas? Look no further than the Goose!

With time, more palatable and healthy recipes have surfaced; not only are these dishes simple to make, but they are also crowd favorites. Individuals are adapting their habits to fit the 21st-Century clean eating trends, and even corporates are attempting to create a healthier environment within their extremely fast-paced work culture.

People are opting for a healthier lifestyle to protect themselves from various destructive noncommunicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. A balanced diet that limits salt, sugar, saturated fats, and trans fats from industrial production is, therefore, crucial for good health.

If you’re planning on hosting a corporate event serving brunch and want to get it catered, consider the following healthy brunch catering ideas for your next corporate event.

A Colorful Salad Bar

One of the best ways to add some color to your brunch is by including some salads in your menu. Salads may sound boring because they are the stereotypical healthy food that many opted for to stay in shape back in the day—but salads aren’t boring anymore!

Ask your caterer to combine the health-conscious aspect and colorful ingredients to produce salads your event attendees will love. Some fruits and vegetables in a salad with a zesty dressing is a good option to consider as it offers something for everyone.

Salads now not only incorporate greens but also the necessary proteins with the right amount of other nutrients, so not only will it fill your guests’ stomachs but will also energize them to get through the day.

An Assortment of Finger Foods

Corporate events normally mean a lot more time for talking, discussing, and mingling and much less time for eating. So it’s always better to include something easy to eat in your brunch catering menu—and what’s better than finger foods? Guests will be able to continue nibbling and socializing while enjoying the event.

Forget about all the cutlery and get digging! Consider Asian wraps—not like your conventional store-bought Chinese wraps, wrapped in soft rice paper, chicken coleslaw, and crispy chow mein noodles, dipped in peanut butter sauce…chef’s kiss! Another great brunch idea is pita sandwiches—without cheese—stuffed with sliced vegetables and topped with the perfect sauce.

As opposed to a heavy meal with a lot of oil and saturated fats which will only weigh down the attendees at the event and make them sleepy, easy healthy meals will give them the boost they need to get through any meeting and don’t come with the added guilt you would otherwise feel for not eating clean.

A Healthy Juice Corner

At many corporate events, whether a strategy discussion or a simple get-together, beverages are overlooked, so why not try serving healthier and tastier options? A healthy juice corner will have everyone swarming for a gulp of healthy goodness.

Beetroot and kiwi juice with a little bit of lemon for flavor or even a little bit of mint would do the trick. Check with your preferred catering company whether such options are offered and if not, whether they can customize a few beverages that will suit the event’s vibe.

What’s best about juices is that there is always so much room to experiment and there’s always someone willing to venture out of their comfort zone to try them. Juices also allow your body to absorb nutrients more easily, compared to solid foods—guaranteeing you deliver on your promise of a healthy brunch.

Host a healthier corporate event fuelled with energy with these brunch catering ideas

Hiring a catering company for your brunch catering opens up your event to varied, colorful, tasty, and of course, healthy options.

Professional brunch catering companies provide different options, like a catering brunch buffet, for example, and can also weigh in and offer their input to ensure your corporate event is scrumptiously successful in delivering the healthiest treats.

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