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Whether you’re planning an intimate brunch gathering for friends and family or you want to treat your employees to a buffet filled with delectable brunch delicacies, having a well-planned brunch menu is the ideal way to host a successful brunch.

Brunches usually consist of breakfast and lunch food that’s usually followed by some alcoholic drinks. Hosting a brunch can sometimes be a little heavy on the wallet, but there are plenty of options that are affordable and you won’t have to compromise on quality.

Pittsburgh is home to some of the best caterers and if you’re looking for a catering company to undertake a brunch event, here are some affordable catering brunch buffet options to give your guests a memorable dining experience.

Here are some enticing options that you can incorporate into your catering brunch buffet menu without having to spend huge amounts of money on a limited number of dishes that taste underwhelming.

1. Including many Vegetarian Options

Meat has always been a more expensive option, which is why limiting the amount of meat you serve at a buffet while increasing the amount of plant-based dishes is more affordable.

There are plenty of enjoyable vegetarian options for you to choose from when putting together a brunch buffet. Getting the meal catered would be a good way to go as a reputable caterer can suggest dishes, such as honey-glazed carrots, green beans almondine, and vegetable Asian pot stickers.

2. Incorporating Simple Breakfast Foods

Eggs are a staple at any breakfast or brunch table so why not include a simple and familiar yet delicious dish of scrambled eggs or an egg-based dish such as a quiche?

You can also include a choice of assorted breakfast bread and pastries along with butter, preserves, jams, and jellies as accompaniments.

3. Choosing Sides and Meat Dishes Wisely

Selecting a hearty side dish along with a meat-inspired dish can keep your brunch buffet budget-friendly. A meat or vegetarian lasagna or a potato dish makes for a delicious and filling side dish that your guests are guaranteed to enjoy.

For protein, you can include a chicken salad or a herby, Italian-inspired chicken dish that’s ideal for a late breakfast or early lunch gathering. You can even include some classic breakfast-inspired dishes such as maple glazed ham, bacon, or sausages.

4. Keeping Extras to a Minimum

You might be tempted to go all out and lay out a wide variety of extras on your brunch buffet table, but there’s a strong possibility that not everyone will indulge in a whole lot of add-ons.

When weighing catering brunch buffet options, a professional catering company can help you pick a few extras, such as coffee, juice, and seasonal fresh fruits that your guests will enjoy rather than being overwhelmed by multiple options.

Affordable Catering Brunch Buffet Options in the Pittsburgh Area

Brunch gatherings are usually informal, which means you reduce your catering costs. Most catering companies will have specific catering brunch buffet packages that you can choose from while making sure that your choice suits your budget.

Get in touch with a catering service that provides the best brunch buffet in Pittsburgh to cater an affordable brunch for your next gathering.

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