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Family reunions are a time to connect with your loved ones, celebrate the bond you have with them, and reminisce beautiful memories while creating new ones.

And speaking of great memories, family reunions are the ideal occasions to give your family members a feast that they won’t soon forget! Naturally, you’ll want to work on a good family reunion catering menu.

Coming up with a good catering menu for a family reunion can be a bit tricky, however, so here are some family reunion catering ideas you can take inspiration from.

Bring in the Appetizers

Before getting to the main course, you should get your family members excited about it, and you can do this with a spread of tasty appetizers!

Appetizers are quick meals so they can be served to your family as soon as they arrive. They can nibble on a few tasty appetizers while they mingle and catch up with the rest of the family.

Now, there are many great appetizers to choose from, but here are some tasty appetizers you might want to try:

  • An assorted cheese tray with a nice selection of local and imported cheeses
  • An assorted meat tray for all kinds of meats, such as salami and smoked salmon
  • A fruit and cheese platter with equal servings of assorted cheese and fresh fruits
  • A fresh and healthy vegetable tray with a selection of crunchy veggies with dips included

Some other great appetizer choices include bruschetta, kebabs, mini crab cakes, and Swedish meatballs.

Lay Out Some Brunch

If you’re having the family over for a midday get-together, having a brunch spread can be a great idea! It’s the perfect go-to between breakfast and lunch and you can treat your family to a huge selection of foods.

Here are some brunch items you can include in your menu:

  • Homemade quiche and scrambled eggs
  • Meat or vegetable lasagna
  • Chicken salad or garden salad
  • Bacon and sausages
  • Mixed seasonal veggies
  • Assorted breads
  • Masala chicken

No brunch menu is complete without a good cup of joe—add some coffee for your family to enjoy, or a selection of fruit juice for non-coffee drinkers.

Host a Chicken Fiesta

Chicken catering has always been an excellent choice for pretty much any catering menu, so how about treating your family members to a selection of delicious chicken dishes?

Here are a few chicken menu items that you can include:

  • Traditional fried or baked chicken
  • Chicken Italiano
  • Stuffed chicken breasts
  • Chicken broccoli alfredo
  • Jumbo cut wings
  • Crispy chicken tenders

Chicken can be really good on its own, but make sure to include some delicious dips, like honey mustard dip and BBQ sauce too. In addition, throw in some tasty sides, like mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

Make it Hot (and Cold)

You can give your family reunion catering menu a bit more variety by offering your family members a selection of hot and cold dishes. Along with foods that you usually serve hot, like fried chicken and roast beef, include a few that are meant to be served nice and cold, like potato salad and pasta salad.

Here are a few other cold dishes you might want to try:

  • Cucumber salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Cold deli meats
  • Sandwiches

If you’re going to opt for sandwiches, setting up a build-your-own-sandwich station can give your family a fun little activity to enjoy during the get-together!

Ensure You Don’t Forget Dessert

Last, but definitely not least—dessert! A good dessert spread is the perfect way to wrap up a family reunion. Here are some lip-smacking dessert items you can finish up your family meal with:

  • A big selection of cookies, from everyone’s favorite—chocolate chip cookies—to snickerdoodles
  • A bunch of seasonal pies, such as apple pie, cherry pie, and blackberry pie
  • A cake, such as Death by Chocolate or Red Velvet (both great choices), but you can choose specialty cakes like Oreo cake (kids love it!) too

After delighting your family’s sweet tooth, your family reunion will be a success—phew!

Make your get-together a success with family reunion catering from Cooked Goose Catering!

Family reunions are some of the best events to host! There’s something very comforting and wholesome about them. Having some good food while you reconnect with your loved ones is the perfect way to make the best out of a family reunion.

But planning a successful family get-together isn’t the easiest thing to do, so hiring a reliable catering company would bode well for you and ensure your family reunion is a hit!

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