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In most households, Thanksgiving is a huge deal—especially if you have a large family.

With most of your loved ones home for the holidays, including your close friends, you’ll likely have to feed a lot of hungry folks.

So this Thanksgiving, why not try switching it up? Apart from the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, try including a Thanksgiving brunch as well. This way, your guests can spend the day indulging in a great brunch and keep them full till dinner.

But hosting a Thanksgiving brunch in Pittsburgh PA doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You can take some of the hard work off your shoulders by getting your Thanksgiving brunch in Pittsburgh PA catered by a catering company.

Here are some dishes that you can draw inspiration from if you plan on setting up a Thanksgiving brunch—check with your chosen catering company if they’re able to offer dishes similar to your favorite picks!


Brunches don’t necessarily have to follow the style of a buffet, but if you’re planning on hosting a crowd for a holiday brunch, having a couple of entrées set out on the table offers a variety of dishes your guests can choose from.

Keeping up with the theme of Thanksgiving, your guests are bound to enjoy roasted turkey with gravy and maple-glazed ham as hearty entrées.

While these two dishes might require quite a bit of effort to put together, many expert caterers specifically cater some of the best Thanksgiving specials made according to your requirements.

Sides and Accompaniments

A traditional Thanksgiving favorite is roasted potatoes so be sure to include a few options such as mashed potatoes or a sweet potato dish if you want to keep things festive.

To add a hint of freshness to a decadent brunch feast, include a salad that’s loaded with fresh vegetables and a flavorful dressing.

One-Pot Baked Dishes

Savory casseroles are ideal when it comes to planning out the dishes you want to have on your brunch table. Corn and grits are an essential part of Thanksgiving, so why not incorporate them into a single baked dish for a hearty meal?

A one-pot baked dish is a convenient option to include in your Thanksgiving brunch as your guests are free to serve as much or little as they want. If you’re unsure of picking the right baked dish for a brunch, get in touch with caterers who can prepare a delicious Thanksgiving casserole.


Quiches are a brunch staple and a convenient dish to include if you’re hosting a crowd for a seasonal brunch.

Quiches are extremely diverse and if you want to have a delicious quiche on your Thanksgiving brunch table, consider ham and collard greens to keep up with the holiday theme.

Beverages for Thanksgiving brunch

A brunch isn’t a brunch without a selection of beverages. Sticking to the Thanksgiving theme, include a few festive cocktails that contain apple cider. For the guests who don’t indulge in any alcoholic beverages, you can try making pumpkin spice hot chocolate.

Alternatively, you can check with your chosen caterer if they can cater the beverages as well. Any good catering company will ensure juice and hot tea or coffee are made available with a brunch spread. Your guests are likely to appreciate a nice warm drink after indulging in a hearty brunch, especially to keep them warm during the colder temperatures.

Hire a Catering Service if you’re Hosting a Thanksgiving Brunch in Pittsburgh PA

If you’d prefer to prepare brunch for your loved ones instead of a big Thanksgiving dinner, you have the option of getting the dinner catered.

Contact your preferred local catering company to get your Thanksgiving dinner catered. To make things easier, there’s a Cooked Goose catering menu for every occasion which you can browse through for any event.

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