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Planning a kid’s birthday party is like stepping into a reality where their imagination comes to life, laughter is everywhere, and desserts are the only things on the menu.

So if you want to host the best kid’s party of all time, you’ll want to serve some treats.

Now getting sweet treats catering is more than just finding a catering company that can lay out a spread of delicious treats for the kids—you’ve got to make it memorable and turn that birthday bash into a certified hit!

Sweet treats for the kids to indulge in

So here are some tantalizing sweet treats catering ideas that kids will love and some fun activities to keep them entertained.

1. Miniature Treats

Kids like stuff made specifically for them, and what else is better than tiny versions of their favorite sweets? Imagine the cute little cupcakes, donuts covered with colorful frosting and sprinkles, or maybe cookies shaped like their favorite cartoon characters.

These miniature treats come in adorable shapes and sizes, making them easy to carry around and munch on as the kids go about their birthday party adventures. Also, miniature treats can be made in bulk, so there will be plenty for everyone—even the parents!

2. DIY Dessert Stations

The DIY dessert station is perfect to ignite the creativity of your birthday guests. Put out a table with plain cupcakes or sugar cookies, platters of different icing colors, sprinkles, edible glitter, and any other decoration you can imagine.

Let the kids decorate their own treats, but make sure to help them out if they’re not sure about what to do. Not only is it meant to be a fun activity, but it also allows them to get their creative juices flowing and have a lot of fun.

If you want to try something a bit healthier, add some fruit toppings instead. Strawberries, apples, cherries, and blackberries are all good choices for dessert toppings.

3. Enchanted Candy garden

Imagine the stunned looks on the faces of your little guests when they find themselves in a gorgeous garden, which is full of candies! The trick here is to create a small garden that’s entirely made from candy—a miniature Willy Wonka experience!

Decorate the table with foliage and flowers made from chocolate and food coloring, and place the candies in pots or inside fake grass. Kids love creepy crawlies, so add some gummy worms crawling out from milk chocolate ‘soil’ cups or other little critters made from candy.

4. Frozen Delights on a Stick

Whether it’s winter or summer, frozen desserts are the ultimate treat that every kid simply adores! So you may want to try serving popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, or fruit kebabs dipped in chocolate and frozen as other options.

Another refreshing delight you could serve is chilled watermelon on a stick. Part of what makes watermelon a great summer party food is that it refreshes the body, especially when a lot of physical activity is involved. The kids will be playing and running around a lot, so chilled watermelon would be a nice treat to help them recharge.

If you’re going with other chilled fruits on a stick, try flavoring them in unique ways, like dipping them in chocolate or vanilla or wrapping them in a coat of cotton candy.

5. Extravagant Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain makes a delightful and inviting focal point for your sweets table. Kids, and let’s face it, adults too, will be in awe when they see marshmallows floating in the chocolate with a selection of pretzel sticks, bananas, and strawberries for dipping. Interactive? Check. Delicious? Double check! Just make sure to keep some napkins close by—having a chocolate fountain could get a bit messy.

6. Thematic Treats to Match the Party

How about giving your sweet treats a twist by adding a theme? Treat your guests to some magical unicorn horn cake pops and rainbow-layered jello cups. The key here is to let your imagination run wild and come up with all kinds of themes the kids would enjoy, like a pirate theme with treasure chest-shaped cupcakes or an outer space theme with chocolate aliens.

Fun activities for the kids to enjoy

So now that we’ve got sweet treats catering ideas out of the way, let’s take a look at some fun activities your young guests can enjoy:

1. Treasure Hunt

A classic game of treasure hunt can always be made unique for any theme and location. Give your kids different clues to follow, which will end with a hidden “treasure” where they’ll collect something like a box of candy, a tiny toy, or treats.

2. Craft Stations

Set up different tables where kids can paint. This could also include the kids making their own jewelry, hand painting picture frames, making decorations, and even a simple DIY slime station.

3. Obstacle Course

Set up a little obstacle course in your backyard or a clear space of a room. Use common household items or simple outdoor equipment to create a course with various difficulty levels such as hopscotch, a crawling tunnel from cardboard boxes, a bean bag, or a balance beam.

4. Balloon Pop

On blank pieces of paper, write down some activities or silly challenges, like “sing your favorite song” or “do 10 jumping jacks”, and then inflate them inside balloons. During the game, make each kid pop a balloon and then perform the challenge written on the paper that was inside their balloon.

Call the pros for sweet treats catering

Catering for a children’s birthday party can be tough to do on your own, so why not just leave it to the professionals? Get in touch with a good catering company with a killer dessert catering menu for your kid’s birthday party today!

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