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Hosting a midweek or end-of-the-week wine night for a group of friends can be challenging, especially when it comes to figuring out what the best food accompaniments would be.

Party platters or trays are extremely easy to prepare as they don’t require any cooking and can be put together in a couple of minutes, but you need to make sure you have the right ingredients—which can be a hassle.

Catering party trays are a stress-and-mess-free way to entertain your guests for a laidback wine night without the added hassle of curating them yourself.

Here are a few simple options that can be incorporated into a relaxing evening surrounded by a group of friends. Speak to your caterer and see whether they can accommodate these options.

The Meat and Cheese Party Tray

This tray of goodies is perfect if you’re feeling indecisive about what your tray should consist of—it lets you have a little bit of everything.

It includes a range of roasted meats such as roast beef slices and roast turkey slices accompanied by some light cheeses, such as feta, goat cheese, and mozzarella so that everything blends well.

A range of fresh, mixed vegetables can be added as well to offer a pop of freshness to this catering party tray.

The Italian Party Tray

Here’s a unique twist to a party tray that your guests are bound to enjoy. Add slices of meat and cheese or vegetable and cheese lasagna for a hearty bite accompanied by a glass of wine.

Add fresh herbs, nuts, cheeses, and Italian sausages to complete your Italian party tray.

All these flavors pair perfectly with a glass of crisp white wine or rosé.

The Chicken and Salad Party Tray

This is the ideal option if you have any guests who prefer poultry options or you want to include a chicken-based catering party tray with a range of salads for variety.

This tray can be put together with grilled chicken breasts that can be paired with a smoky BBQ sauce.

A fresh pasta salad with seasonal vegetables, coleslaw, and a creamy potato salad is the ideal accompaniment for this party tray.

The Vegetarian Party Tray

This party tray will cater to guests who prefer a vegetarian-based spread. Not only is it a colorful addition to a gathering with friends but it will also satisfy any health-conscious guests.

Include a wide selection of fresh vegetables accompanied by some refreshing dips, a ranch or caesar salad, and some roasted, herby potatoes that can be enjoyed on their own or with a tzatziki dip on the side.

Catering Party Trays are the way to go for your Next Gathering

Consider including catering party trays for your next wine night gathering. Most caterers offer party trays and catering menu packages, so get in touch with your local caterers, pick the catering company that offers your preferred party tray options, and enjoy your wine night to the fullest, stress-free!

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