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Field trips, spirit days, fundraising marathons—school events are the heart and soul of a good school community.

But when you’re caught in the middle of the planning whirlwind, one question always pops up: how can you make sure the ravenous crowds of students have enough to eat?

On the surface, pizza delivery might look like the best (and often most popular) answer, but there’s a more convenient, customizable, and frankly, tastier option, which is the lunch box catering menu!

By working with a good caterer, you can come up with a good lunch box catering menu that promises there’ll be enough for your students to enjoy, and also let them take their meal home if they’re not hungry.

So let’s take a look at why lunch boxes are such a good choice for school events.

Why Hire a Caterer? Here’s the Secret Sauce

Let’s explore why hiring a professional can be your secret weapon.

1. Expertise and Experience

Caterers have been in the business for a long time and they are experts in the creation of tasty and healthy lunch box menus. They recognize the particular needs of schools and they can ensure the food is age-appropriate, kid-friendly, and comply with safety standards. No more recipe hunting or being concerned about portion sizes!

2. Quality Ingredients and Freshness

Caterers have access to top-quality ingredients and place a focus on freshness. This means food will be tastier, the students will be happier, and fewer stomachaches—a win for everyone!

3. Stress-Free Ordering and Delivery

Caterers simplify the ordering process by enabling you to personalize menus and define dietary restrictions. In addition, many caterers would take care of the delivery, making sure the lunch boxes arrive fresh and on time and thereby eliminating your logistics problems.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Surprisingly, lunch box catering can be a low-cost option. Vendors that do catering have special menus to suit your needs and with these pre-portioned meals, the amount of food that is thrown away is minimized, resulting in savings on your part.

What are the advantages of lunch box catering?

Here’s why lunch box catering is the MVP of school events:

1. Convenience

School events can be hectic for teachers and the school’s administrative staff alike. From dealing with the students’ excitement and organizing the activities to making sure everything runs smoothly, teachers and the rest of the staff rarely have time to think about preparing a lunch buffet for the students.

With lunch box catering, however, you no longer have to worry about how you’re going to feed all your students. The caterer saves you time by preparing, packaging, and delivering lunches so that you can focus on the event itself.

2. Variety

Gone are the days when sandwiches were flimsy and salads were dull. Lunch box catering menus include a myriad of options, whether it’s mini pizzas and wraps, macaroni and cheese, or pasta salad, there is something for everybody—even picky eaters and students with dietary restrictions.

Diversity is key, as this means that your younger students will be happier and less likely to throw tantrums over their packed lunches.

3. Portion Control

School events are all about being energized. Lunch box catering menus make sure that each student is given a balanced meal that ensures they have enough energy to last till the end of the day.

No more overfilled plates or bottomless bags of chips—pre-portioned meals foster healthy eating habits and significantly cut down on food waste. So, everyone’s a winner!

4. Specific Diets

Does your class include students who have allergies or those who follow a particular diet? Lunch boxes can be tailored to suit the dietary requirements of these students.

For instance, with options like gluten-free food, nut-free snacks, or vegetarian lunches, caterers can provide a wide range of choices to ensure no student is left out at lunchtime.

5. Themed Fun

Want to add a bit of zing to your school event? Lunch box catering menus can be designed around a specific theme.

This can range from “Around the World” cuisine for a geography field trip to spooky treats for a Halloween fundraiser—they’re ideal for bringing a little fun into the lunch and making it memorable.

What are some lunch box ideas students will love?

So now that we know why lunch boxes are great for school events, here are a few tasty lunch box ideas your students are surely going to enjoy:

1. Turkey and Swiss Cheese Sandwiches

A classic sandwich loved by students and teachers alike. This is a sandwich that students of all ages will love!

2. Garden Veggie Wrap

A nutritious wrap filled with colorful veggies—perfect for vegetarian students. You can ask your caterer to customize it with hummus or light vinaigrette dressing. Also, combine it with some fruit salad for a delicious dessert.

3. Tuna Salad Sandwich on Wheat Bread

A popular lunch option that can be paired with wheat bread. You can also ask your caterer to add some salad or coleslaw on the side.

4. Italian Sub

A hearty and tasty meal for older students who enjoy intense flavors. Ask your caterer to include some cookies and brownies in the box too.

5. Chicken Caesar Wrap

This protein-rich and yummy wrap will satisfy the taste buds of your older students. Don’t forget to add some healthy veggies on the side!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about lunch box catering for school events:

1. What do I do about leftover lunch boxes?

You can always ask students to take any leftover lunch boxes home. But to avoid any leftovers, it’s always best to get a proper head count of everyone who will be attending the event so that your caterer can supply just the right amount of lunch boxes, without leaving behind any leftovers.

2. Will caterers provide napkins and utensils?

Most caterers will, but you should talk to the caterer about this. Some caterers may only include utensils and napkins for specific menus.

3. How early should I book my caterer?

You should book your caterer at least a week in advance. If the event is taking place during the festive season, it’s best to make the bookings a month earlier as caterers may be very busy during this time of the year.

Lunch box catering is a game-changer

School events are full of fun and excitement, and making sure that your students are well-fed and full of energy is a huge part of what makes a school event successful. With lunch boxes, you can make sure each student gets a generous amount of food and you can treat them to all kinds of healthy and tasty menu options.

Get in touch with a reputable caterer with a great boxed lunch catering menu today!

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