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A lot goes into making a wedding celebration a success. Consider these Summer Wedding Catering ideas to make your big day a success!

Selecting a dress, a venue, floral arrangements, and food catering are among the most important considerations when planning a summer wedding. And while all of these items play a key role, the food you serve to your guests is probably the most important consideration if you want to make your wedding memorable.

When it comes to planning your summer wedding menu, you should avoid serving food that is too messy or difficult to eat.


See below for five considerations to make when creating a delicious menu for your summer wedding.

1. Keep it Light

Regardless of the wedding theme, your menu should be ‘light’ in order to keep your guests feeling clean and comfortable. For example, if you’re planning to host your wedding at an outside wedding venue, many caterers recommend that you serve less spicy and oily food, which often doesn’t vibe well with hotter temperatures. Instead, opt for assorted cheese trays, vegetable platters, salsa and chips, and other assorted hors d’oeuvres.

In regards to entrees, we recommended that you avoid chewy proteins like lamb and pork and consider chicken-based menu items, lasagna, turkey breast with gravy, and other homemade menu items. Assorted potatoes, mixed seasonal vegetables, and seasonal salads are also great sides to consider when trying to keep your menu light.

2. Keep it Fresh

As the temperature rises, people prefer fresh fruits and seasonal foods over rich, heavy food. And for that reason, we recommend that fresh fruit and other seasonal produce be incorporated into your menu. Fresh vegetable trays, fruit trays, cheese trays, and freshly prepared salads are a must. And, especially in summer, you should feature the flavors of the season.

3. Consider the Wedding Type

summer wedding ideas

Every couple is unique, and so are their preferences. Traditional couples prefer a standard ‘sit-down’ dinner wedding; extroverted couples may go for cocktail party weddings; many others opt for buffet style catering and backyard BBQ weddings. All options are perfectly fine, but it’s important to be mindful of the wedding type when selecting the appropriate menu.

4. Make It Interactive

Make your big day even more special with interactive food stations. Allowing your guests to move around and socialize with others can go a long way, especially in the summertime.

5. Be Mindful of the Desserts

Serving summer-friendly desserts will help your guests be refreshed and comfortable. Sorbet, ice cream, fresh fruits, lady locks, or a cookie tray are all great options to include on your summer wedding menu.


Weddings are a celebration of love and cherished memories. Choosing the right food menu for your summer wedding is essential. So when you sit with your wedding catering service, make sure you consider the aforementioned considerations.

Let the Cooked Goose Catering Company take care of the details so you can enjoy your special day! Give us a call today at 412-258-5944 to speak to discuss your summer wedding catering ideas!

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