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Catering for a full-day conference can be quite challenging, especially when organizing the food and beverages and starting the day off on a great note.

Making sure the catering service you set up is efficient and delicious, from the welcome breakfast to the last session, is no easy feat. But when it’s done right, you can set your employees up to have a more engaging and active start to any conference.

In fact, a survey conducted by OnePoll revealed that 34% of employees claimed they were more alert and energized at breakfast time, while another 67% claimed to have a better attention span during this time.

So it comes as no surprise that your employees will be looking forward to an early morning breakfast and AM coffee or tea.

No matter what your conference may be about, here are some handy tips that will help you set the best breakfast catering menu that will leave your employees feeling motivated and replenished.

Don’t skip Coffee time!

One of the best ways for your employees to mingle and break the ice is to have a coffee station ready on arrival to welcome each team member.

Don’t skimp on the quality and richness of your coffee, as cold or tasteless coffee will not motivate your staff to be as receptive as they can be to the day’s events.

For all non-coffee drinkers, make sure you have a selection of warm beverages, such as herbal teas or even hot chocolate.

If you want to add that extra touch of personalization, look into hiring a barista who can customize coffee drinks according to your team’s preferences.

Give them Freshly Squeezed Juices

Serving up healthy treats is the energy boost we all need before any meeting. Having some freshly pressed fruit and veggie drinks or smoothies served during the conference can be a refreshing, fulfilling break in the day.

If you are looking to keep those growling stomachs settled, then fresh juices are the way to go.

Serve the Meal Continental style

Continental breakfasts served as a buffet is a cost-effective breakfast catering idea and a definite crowd pleaser!

With this serving style, you can go all out on what your menu looks like. Some popular options include:

  • Greek yogurt and fruit platters.
  • A variety of granola bars and cereals
  • A selection of cheese and charcuterie boards
  • A range of go-to jams and spreads
  • An assortment of baked items like croissants, muffins, and pastries

Set up a DIY Breakfast station

Who said conferences can’t be fun? To make a statement and get your employees ready to take in the events of the day, set up an on-site breakfast station that makes delicious food items right before their eyes.

Some great options are:

Pancake Station

With pancakes, it’s all about the perfect toppings from your syrups and chocolate or strawberry sauces to fresh fruit—keep your employee’s options open and testbeds watering.

Waffle Station

These crispy golden brown textures are just the right option to win over any, “I’m not a morning person” colleagues.

Omelet Station

This is the traditional way to start the morning and give your staff their protein kick. Lay out a mix of healthy options to add to their omelets like veggies, meats, and cheese.

Smoothie Bowl Station

Both aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and a healthy option to serve, a smoothie bowl station can let you make your own smoothie and acai bowl topped with your favorite nuts, granola, and seeds.

Bagel Station

A modern twist to the traditional bacon and egg roll—an egg and bacon bagel that is both delicious and hearty to keep your employees full and satisfied. Keep creating a range of flavor combinations that your attendees will love when it comes to their bagels.

Keep your Conference Breakfast Catering  Menu simple and delicious

If you are still grasping at straws for your breakfast catering menu, speak to a catering company to explore all your options.

Whatever you add to your menu, remember to keep it delicious, easy, and in generous quantities to feed all your conference attendees.

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