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It’s that wonderful time of the year again! A time for fun, laughter, joy, and some delicious food too. That’s right—it’s Christmas time!

Now that Christmas is coming, you might be planning your annual Christmas party. And why wouldn’t you be? A Christmas party is a great way to meet up with friends, reconnect with family, share embarrassing stories, and just enjoy the holiday cheer.

Now a big part of what makes a Christmas party a hit is the food, so you’re going to want to have a gorgeous holiday menu for your guests to enjoy. But the holiday season can be a pretty busy time and you might not have a lot of time on your hands to plan out this blockbuster Christmas party.

Fear not—companies that specialize in catering for Christmas party events are your friends! These companies will handle the Christmas catering for your party and all you’ll need to do is tell them exactly what you need!

There are, however, a lot of these catering companies around, so you’ll need to consider many factors before hiring one that works for you. So let’s explore how you can hire the perfect company that handles catering for Christmas party events.

1. Check for a great Christmas menu

First and foremost, you’re going to want to hire a catering company that has a Christmas catering menu available. When browsing catering companies, make sure to take a look at the different menus they offer and see if there’s anything for Christmas.

Also, check if the Christmas catering menu they offer comes with everything including the main course, appetizers, and desserts.

2. Ask if they offer full-service catering

After establishing that they have a dedicated Christmas menu, you need to check if the catering company offers full-service catering. This means that the caterer should be able to handle not just providing the food, but also setting up the tables, coming up with a theme, offering bar service, and even cleaning up.

You’ll have many things on your plate (pun intended) when planning your party, so it would be nice to have a caterer who will handle every aspect of the Christmas party’s food menu.

3. Make sure they have upfront pricing

Christmas parties can be quite expensive even if they’re just a once-a-year event. So when you are on the lookout for the ideal Christmas catering company, you should ask them about their pricing structure.

A good catering company will always be upfront about their pricing and won’t have any hidden costs. This way, you won’t need to worry about any “surprise” costs catching you off guard when you have a tight budget.

4. See if they have customizable menus

Sure, you want a Christmas menu for your Christmas party, but sometimes you might not like everything the caterer offers on the menu.

So check with the caterer you choose if they can accommodate flexible catering options so that you can swap out certain menu items. If they do give you this option, don’t forget to ask them if they’ll charge you extra for any changes to the menu.

5. Get to know their event schedule

Many catering companies book two or more events on the same date. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider hiring them, but you may want to check with them about how they’re going to manage the schedule.

If they can handle catering for multiple customers on the same day and time—perfect! But if that’s not the case, ask them to give you a reasonable time slot.

6. Inquire about a point of contact

The day of your Christmas party is going to be pretty busy, so it will be very helpful to have a point of contact with your catering company.

When choosing a catering company, make sure to ask them if they will assign a point of contact to you. This person will liaise with you and the catering company so that you’ll be informed about the catering company’s activities on the day of the party.

Contact Cooked Goose Catering for Christmas party events!

Christmas comes only once a year, so you must make your Christmas party a mega-hit that everyone will remember fondly. Many things can make a Christmas party great, but no one can deny the sheer amount of awesome that good catering for Christmas party events has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Find yourself a great Christmas party catering company in Pittsburgh today!

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