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Starting your day by incorporating the goodness of unprocessed ingredients into your breakfast can leave you feeling energized and make a difference in your health in the long run.

Over recent years, many restaurants and catering services have begun to include a variety of vegan items on their menus as most consumers are now opting for more wholesome foods due to changes in their diet or lifestyle or simply because they’re more open to trying plant-based food.

If you’re planning on hosting a breakfast buffet for a crowd, some of your guests will likely prefer vegan breakfast options. Thankfully, the Pittsburgh area has professional breakfast buffet catering services that can cater to a vegan-specific buffet.

What are some Vegan-Friendly Breakfast Buffet Catering options?

A typical breakfast buffet will consist of bacon, eggs, cheese, and pastries that are loaded with butter. Since vegan dishes are devoid of dairy, eggs, and meat, a caterer that specializes in vegan breakfast foods will include the following in your vegan breakfast spread:

Fruits and Nuts

Fresh fruit is typically found in an average breakfast buffet as well. It might, however, be a very limited or unappealing selection.

Having a selection of fresh fruit, dried fruit, and even a variety of nuts can not only bring a pop of color to your breakfast buffet but provides guests with a healthy choice to start their meal.

Having dried fruit and nuts at a buffet is extremely versatile, as it gives guests the option of using them as a topping too.


Here’s a breakfast option that will leave your guests feeling full throughout the day. A catering service that specializes in vegan breakfasts will make sure that the oatmeal is cooked using water or a substitute for dairy.

Guests can elevate a plain bowl of oatmeal by getting creative with toppings of their choice from the wide range of dried fruit and nuts.

Bread and Pastries

Bread and muffins made from whole wheat or whole grain flour are always a winner. High in fiber and low in processed sugars, these vegan-friendly carbs are bound to have your guests going for seconds.

Full grain spelt bagels, croissants made with vegan butter, and vegan chocolate-filled pastries are some delectable, vegan-friendly pastries that can be included in your breakfast buffet catering spread.

Vegan Fillings and Spreads

Tofu is an extremely versatile accompaniment that can be smoked, fried, or scrambled to accompany a hearty slice of whole grain toast.

Vegan cold cuts, cheeses, grapes, and herbs can also make for refreshing accompaniments with a bagel or breakfast muffin.

Guests can also be provided with sweet options such as vegan nut butter, jams, and jellies.

Vegan Beverages

A classic breakfast catering buffet spread will have tea and coffee accompanied by milk and creamer, and a few types of fruit juices. A professional catering service will make sure that all dairy products are replaced with plant-based alternatives.

Almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, and oat milk are vegan-friendly milk options that can be included in a breakfast buffet.

A range of fruit juices and smoothies can provide your guests with a more refreshing beverage option.

What should you consider before Hiring a Caterer for a Vegan Breakfast Buffet?

  • Ensure that your guests are informed of the type of food and drink that’s being served, as some people may be allergic to some plant-based ingredients
  • Make sure the caterer you’re going to opt for purchases and uses ethically sourced ingredients that have no traces of animal by-products
  • Pick a catering service that will provide packages to fit your budget and customizable menus according to your requirements
  • Take some time to talk to each caterer and see whether they’re familiar with the items you’ve selected and ask them for any professional recommendations

Choose a Vegan Breakfast Buffet Catering Service that fulfills your Requirements

Having an all-vegan buffet for your next social gathering doesn’t have to be boring if you choose a catering service that specializes in or has experience in catering vegan breakfasts.

Make sure you choose the right local catering service that offers various catering menu packages to choose from for a mouth-watering healthy breakfast buffet that will leave your guests content and ready to take on the day.

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