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The Greater Pittsburgh area is home to one of the Best Caterers in the business.

Cooked Goose Catering provides you with a wide selection of specially curated menus that are suitable for any occasion.

When you host a gathering, you have to serve your guests a good meal as a sign of appreciation for them partaking in your event as well as ensure that they’re not left hungry.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, business gathering, or corporate picnic, buffets are almost always the safest option as attendees can pick and choose what they’d like to eat. Here’s how you can build your own buffet menu with PA’s best catering company.

Select the Appetizers

Following the traditional structure of a buffet, start your celebrations with an impressive selection of appetizers that your guests can nibble on before diving into the buffet spread.

Cooked Goose’s buffet selection menu allows you to choose from assorted cheese trays, assorted meat and cheese trays, and fresh fruit and vegetable trays.

You also have the option of an additional appetizers menu which boasts a unique selection of appetizers, including beef or chicken kabobs, vegetable Asian pot stickers, and pulled pork sliders.

Choose between a Hot and Cold Buffet

No matter what you choose, PA’s best catering company has the ideal menu for both a hot and cold buffet. You have the option of choosing entrées and hot sides with a complete deli tray.

Build your own entrée buffet menu by choosing from a selection of delicious chicken tenders and meat or vegetable lasagna, and pair it with sides such as mashed or roasted potatoes, macaroni salad, and coleslaw.

If you want to opt for a cold buffet, choose from turkey, roast beef, Swiss cheese, and assorted bread, and pick from a range of cold sides such as a tossed salad with ranch and Italian dressing or a cucumber and onion salad.

Include Best-Sellers in your Buffet

Cooked Goose Catering has a series of best-sellers that are customer-certified! Choose from our famous roast beef, creamy chicken Cajun breast, and a range of delectable meat dishes.

Go ahead and pair them with a side of glazed carrots or buttered corn niblets; take your pick from the variety of sides offered.

Since these dishes are best-sellers, you can’t go wrong with serving them at your gathering—your guests are bound to find these dishes delicious!

Opt for a Specialty Menu

If you’re looking for a caterer that can host major events, such as weddings and company picnics, we have specially curated menus that cater for such events.

For a wedding buffet, choose from a selection of hors d’oeuvres, entrées, sides, and salads.

Our picnic buffet menu includes a variety of entrées and sides along with bread rolls and butter as accompaniments.

Pick Sweet Treats to end the Meal

After a satisfying meal at a buffet, your guests will want a sweet treat to complete their dining experience.

A delicious selection of desserts, ranging from brownies and cupcakes to Lady Locks, cookies, and other treats, can be added to your buffet.

Choose wisely, as these sweet treats must complement the rest of your buffet. You want to avoid choosing heavy dessert options if all the other dishes in the buffet are heavy as well.

Cooked Goose Catering can assist you with Building your own Buffet

Whether it’s for your next reunion or a memorable event such as a wedding, make sure you get in touch with us to build your own buffet menu. But if you’d prefer a pre-decided catering menu package, Cooked Goose Catering can help you with that too.

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