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With summer vacations coming up, many people are planning fun-filled outdoor events.

From family picnics to sports events, summertime is the perfect season for fun in the sun!

Now, planning an outdoor event can be a bit tough, especially when you’ll be having many people coming over. And one of the most important things you need to plan out is the catering because, let’s be honest, anyone who shows up for an outdoor event will be expecting some good food.

So let’s explore why you should choose brunch catering services for your next summer outdoor event.

Why are brunch catering services good for outdoor events?

Did you know that social conversations about brunch have increased by 12.47% over the past year? This shows how popular brunch has become and it’s easy to see why— having brunch means that you’re never too late for breakfast and never too early for lunch!

Also, at this point, brunch has become a cultural phenomenon. So why not treat your guests to a hearty brunch with the help of brunch catering? Here’s why brunch catering is a great option for your next outdoor event.

Flexible Timing

Outdoor events usually take place during daytime, either in the morning or around noon.

Therefore, brunch catering may be more flexible as they offer food options for both breakfast and lunch and guests can enjoy whatever they feel like eating.

Healthy Food Options

In addition to the usual lunch options, brunch catering services can also include some healthy breakfast menu items, like fresh fruits, cereals, and maybe a selection of fruit juices. These are great menu options for both adults and children alike.

These healthy food options would be great for very health-conscious guests too, especially if the outdoor event you’re hosting includes sports.

Convenience and Time-Saving

Planning an outdoor event can be very time-consuming, but when you hire a brunch catering service, they will take care of the food. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of the outdoor event, such as planning fun activities and decorations.

To make sure your caterer can get everything set up on time, make sure to tell them the exact timings for your event so that they can arrive early to get the food ready.

Customizable Menus

Brunch catering usually has a great selection of food items on their menus but they might even allow you to tweak the menus a bit. If you’re expecting guests with specific dietary needs, you could ask the catering service to make changes to the menu to accommodate these dietary needs.

Also, some catering companies may already have a special brunch menu that includes many of the most popular brunch dishes!

Hygienic Setup

Setting up food outdoors isn’t easy since the food will be exposed to the elements and maybe even a few bugs. Fortunately, caterers have lots of experience in setting up food tables at outdoor events so they’ll make sure that the food is served in such a way that the elements won’t get to it.

To make sure that the food is safe from the elements, the catering staff may set up tents and canopies. They may also set up barriers to keep dust and dirt away from the food.


Then after a big outdoor event, comes the dreaded cleaning phase. But you won’t have to worry about tidying up when you have brunch caterers working for you!

After the event is over, the catering staff will clean everything up, giving you valuable time to say goodbye to your guests.

What are some good brunch menu items?

Now that you know what’s so great about brunch catering, here are a few brunch menu items that you might want to include in your menu:

Scrambled Eggs

A breakfast favorite, scrambled eggs are a great breakfast item loved by people of all ages. It’s a light but very nutritious meal and it can be prepared for several people.


This is a good lunch item that can include meat or just vegetables. Lasagna is flavorful and can serve a large number of people but it can be a bit more expensive than dishes like scrambled eggs as it needs more ingredients and takes longer to cook.

Sausages and Bacon

Another breakfast favorite, bacon and sausages can be prepared in large portions and can serve a long guest list. These two menu items also go well with scrambled eggs, poached eggs, or the classic sunny-side-up eggs.

Mixed Seasonal Vegetables

If you’re expecting a few vegetarians, mixed seasonal vegetables can be a real treat. The best part is that the vegetables in this dish change with the season.

Candied Bacon

A rather unique sweet and savory treat, candied bacon combines the iconic bacon flavor with a bit of sugar for an unforgettable taste combination! This dish might not always be suitable for everyone, especially those who don’t like sweet and savory flavors, so serve candied bacon in small quantities to reduce wastage.


If you’re hosting an outdoor event during fall, serving coffee can be a great way to energize your guests and warm them up too. Check with your caterer to see if they offer other kinds of drinks too.

Assorted Breakfast Breads

Treat your guests to an assortment of breads served with butter and other breakfast condiments like jam, marmalade, peanut butter, and other spreads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few commonly asked questions about our brunch catering services:

How early should I book a caterer?

If you’re hosting an outdoor event during the summer, it’s best to make bookings at least a month in advance. This is because summer is usually a busy time for caterers.

Can lunchboxes be included in a brunch meal?

Absolutely! Giving lunchboxes, or “brunch” boxes, can be a great way to serve food at your outdoor event. “Brunch” boxes are especially convenient for outdoor sporting events where guests would like to have a quick meal before participating in sports.

Is brunch only reserved for weekends?

No, it’s not. Many caterers are willing to offer their brunch menu during weekdays as well as weekends.

Call brunch catering services in Pittsburgh today

Planning a great outdoor event? Then get in touch with a reliable catering company in Pittsburgh offering a good brunch catering menu. They’ll handle everything from setting up the brunch buffet to cleaning up after the event—you can be assured that the catering goes off without a hitch! Start planning your event by contacting a reliable Pittsburgh catering company!

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