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A nice, hot, energy-boosting breakfast can make the start of anyone’s day even better—especially during the chilly winter months.

With the holiday season over and everyone on their way back to work, we all need a little pep in our step. Holding a fun breakfast event for your friends and family, or your employees and co-workers, maybe the mood booster they need.


Now, with the weather being as chilly as it is, you’ll want some hot breakfast catering to warm up your guests and give them a good start to their day. Here are some hot breakfast catering ideas for you to try out.

Coffee Station

Who doesn’t like a hot cup of coffee to get their day started? By setting up a coffee station at your event, you can give your guests the chance to make their own coffee.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their morning coffee, so make sure to include a range of different blends, as well as a selection of add-ons that they can use to customize their cup of caffeine.

Here are a few unique add-ons to include:

  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Ginger
  • Chocolate

To make things more interesting, you could hire a barista to help your guests out, whip up frothy concoctions, and coffee art to make your guests’ morning coffee even more special.

Savory Breakfast Pizza

Pizza isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of breakfast, but breakfast pizza is an interesting twist on the traditional menu that people of all ages will love.

These pizzas are made with the same base as traditional pizzas, but they incorporate popular breakfast items in their recipes like hash browns, sausages, eggs, and, of course, a good helping of cheese.

Treat your guests to an assortment of breakfast pizzas, including:

To make it more convenient for your guests, have the pizzas made into mini sizes so that it’s easier for guests to pop each type of pizza onto their plate, along with other breakfast items.

A warm, toasty pizza might be just the thing to change how you think about the most important meal of the day.

Cereal Bar

Cereals are great for guests of all ages. They’re a go-to food item that’s a staple in almost everyone’s breakfast menu.

Have an assortment of popular cereals at the bar, along with a selection of milk, such as regular milk and soy milk.

If you don’t want to have cereal boxes lined up on the bar, make sure that the cereal containers are marked properly, telling your guests what’s in each cereal—this is important for guests who may have allergies to nuts, fruit, or gluten.

For a bit more variety, you can try including some granola bars and oatmeal, along with some dried fruit to add to the cereal.

Cereal isn’t always a hot breakfast catering option, but it can go well with other breakfast items, like waffles and pancakes.

Made-to-Order Custom Pancakes

Pancakes are another iconic American breakfast item. A favorite of adults and children alike, pancakes are simple and quick to make, and they are easily customizable.

With a made-to-order pancake station set up, your guests can have their own customized pancakes. The table can offer an assortment of toppings for the pancakes like blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips, apples, strawberries, and m&ms, and the pancake can be prepared by an on-site chef.

There’s nothing better than fresh, hot pancakes to warm you up on a chilly morning.

Kids’ Breakfast Table

If your event is going to be a family affair, a breakfast table specifically for the kids will be a big hit.

The table can have a variety of favorites, like sweet cereals, pancakes made into fun shapes, waffles, toasty breakfast sandwiches, and maybe jugs of warm milk; regular, soy or chocolate.

Alternatively, you could have pre-packed breakfast boxes for the kids. Just make sure some of the boxes include items that are safe for kids with common food allergies.

Give your guests a Breakfast they won’t forget with these Hot Breakfast Catering Ideas

A good breakfast can make any morning event more exciting and lift everyone’s spirits.

Breakfast may be a simple meal, but with these catering ideas, you can give your guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

To get the best of breakfast catering ideas and food recipes, work with a professional catering company.

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