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A Corporate Lunch Event is just what every workplace needs to get everyone motivated and excited at the start of a new chapter.

Hearty meals are sure to get everyone in a good mood, but health is also happiness, so while succulent meat, dripping with sauces is irresistible to many, having healthier menu options for your company event might not be a bad idea.

Healthy food is all the rage these days, so a healthy office lunch can be a big hit among your employees and co-workers. Here are some delectable and healthy lunch catering menu ideas you can treat the office to.

Healthy Bowls

The trendy concept that’s now called a Buddha bowl is a relatively simple dish; it’s a meal consisting of vegetables, grain, and protein presented in a bowl.

This dish is named after the Buddhist concept of balanced and healthy eating and is a favorite among vegetarians and health food enthusiasts. The food portions aren’t mixed in the bowl but are arranged artistically, making them a stylish dish for any event.

These dishes are very versatile, so you can try having a range of bowls for your teams to try out. To make it more fun, have a station where everyone can make their own meal.

Buddha bowls aren’t exclusively vegetarian, they can also include meat. Ask your caterer to include some healthy meat options in the station, like smoked salmon and lean meat.

Fresh Salads

Nothing says healthy like a good salad.

Now, a traditional Caesar salad or pasta salad may be the go-to salad options for most catering events, but why not try some alternative options—like a Mediterranean salad? Salads are versatile catering options thanks to all the veggies, grains, and proteins out there you can try.

You could even opt to set up a salad bar at your event with a selection of popular healthy vegetables and grains.

Finger Foods

There are a plethora of great finger foods out there that are low in saturated fats and make for nice little appetizers to have at any company event.

Finger foods like wholegrain wraps, savory chickpeas, and lettuce wraps offer up delectable flavors for your teams to enjoy.

Serve them up with some tasty and healthy dips to go with your finger food platters, like hummus, soy sauce, guacamole, and black bean dip.

These office lunch events are a great opportunity for your teams to mingle, so finger foods are convenient little snacks they can have as they circle the room and catch up with each other.

Seasonal fruits

Fruit is a pretty basic menu option, but it’s still a good one. Everyone loves some fresh fruit.

Some vegetable platters with an assortment of popular fruits can double as a good side dish for lunch items and as dessert.

If you want to get a little artsy with the fruit platters, have your caterer roll out the fruit in beautiful artistic presentations or even carve the fruit to look like your company logo.

Having fruit platters placed alongside a cocktail bar (for more celebratory events) will also give your employees the option of adding some fruit to their drinks.

Additionally, you can even have small fruit salads served in shot glasses at the desserts table.

Healthy Soups

Soups are a popular lunch catering menu item and they can be hearty, delicious, but still light on the stomach. It doesn’t hurt that you have a wide variety to choose from, including favorites like cream of chicken, vegetable, and chickpea noodle soup.

Have your caterer set up a soup station where your teams can dole out servings for themselves. Include some sides to enjoy the soup with like garlic bread, breadsticks, croutons, and multigrain bread.

Surprise your employees with a Unique Lunch Catering Menu

Trying something a little different, and a little healthier for your company lunch can make it a big hit among your employees. With the number of great healthy menu items available these days, you don’t need to compromise taste for health.

Choose the best corporate catering company for your requirements to make your next corporate lunch a big hit!

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