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It’s your big day, and there’s a lot to be done!

They say it takes a village to raise a child; the same could be said for hosting a wedding, just in different circumstances. From the various suppliers and vendors like your florists and photographers to the event planners, servers, and even your retinue and families, there are many people involved in making sure the venue looks magical and you’re all set for your wedding day.

The preparations start early in the morning and sometimes go on till the evening if it is an evening/nighttime wedding. Therefore, many couples opt to open a breakfast buffet or spread for the guests who might be coming in early or for the people who are already hard at work.

Breakfast catering for weddings is done professionally by many catering services; you can acquire these services from the catering company you have hired. This will be a convenient and cost-effective option for you, as the breakfast spread for a wedding is kept simple with dishes that are filled with nutrients to get through the day.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the delicious world of breakfast muffins and scrambled eggs and look at a few options offered for breakfast catering for weddings that you and your partner may consider to start your wedding day right.

1. Traditional Hot Breakfast

When you think of a proper English breakfast, there are a few options that come to mind. A proper, traditional hot breakfast is an assortment of dishes like fresh scrambled eggs, on-the-spot grilled bacon strips, and French toast, topped off with a preferred sausage type.

This would be the perfect breakfast to finish off with a cup of coffee to complete the most fulfilling and satisfying breakfast. It is always best to have a spread of different types of food to cater to different dietary preferences.

2. Rise & Shine Breakfast

If you want to opt for a more simple and light yet hearty breakfast that will keep your family and friends on their feet for the rest of the day, this option for breakfast catering for weddings could be your go-to.

Featuring freshly scrambled eggs, cheesy hash brown potatoes, and bacon, you can pair this delicious breakfast with your morning crew’s favorite combination of biscuits with butter and jam to finish off a good meal and start your day right.

3. Mix & Match Breakfast

Prepare an array of fresh fruits for anyone who is not into eating heavily in the morning. This would be ideal for those of your morning crew who would want to grab a quick and nutritious breakfast on the run while trying to make sure that everything is ready on time.

Allow your guests to pair their fruit bowls with yogurt for the extra nutrients and probiotics needed to get through the day. Toppings like granola and nuts can be offered as well—not only is it delicious, but it is also a healthy start to the day.

4. Light Breakfast

For those who are not used to munching anything in the morning but are satisfied with a simple smoothie or fresh fruit juice on the go, you can offer a juice cart with options such as fresh juices squeezed on the spot or even an array of smoothies.

Allow your guests to have a little fun by offering a make-your-own smoothie bowl option. A definite crowd-pleaser would be a strawberry acai smoothie bowl. You could also offer more adventurous options, such as a matcha banana bowl.

Start your wedding day right with these options for breakfast catering for weddings

It’s no easy task to organize a wedding and make sure that everything goes right. There’s going to be a lot of walking around and even more talking and mingling, and you need energy for all this. With breakfast catering for weddings, you’ll be able to offer your happy helpers a delicious spread full of all the nutrients and vitamins they need to start their day.

Contact a professional catering company that offers breakfast catering, because it’s an easy and affordable option. A professional catering company can guarantee you have the highest quality meals in your breakfast spread. Close communication with professionals can also help you offer a breakfast catering menu that will satisfy everyone’s dietary needs.

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