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There’s no denying that your Wedding day may be the most expensive event you ever host in your life.

You may have started with a budget and been taken aback by how quickly your expenses exceeded your expectations, from flowers to catering—the figures are heavy.

This may come as a shock but one of the most expensive parts of a wedding is not the bride’s dress or even the ceremony itself, but rather the food that needs to be served!

Feeding over 100 guests with an impressive menu that will keep them well-fed on your special day never comes cheap.

But hosting an affordable wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shorten your guest list. It’s all about working smart and making the right choices as you go along.

Don’t lose hope if you are looking to have your special day without breaking the bank, here are some creative and affordable wedding catering ideas for your grand celebration.

Opt for a limited Bar

Contrary to popular opinion, many weddings today benefit from having a limited bar.

Whether or not your guests drink, every wedding has a bar of some sort and this can be overwhelming—especially when it’s time to settle the enormous bar tab at what should be your happiest day.

By choosing to have a limited bar, you are not only able to serve up delicious drinks that your guests will love, but you will also not be burdened by the expense of a full open bar.

You could opt to serve champagne or wine with a mix of a few signature drinks to keep the party going on your special day.

Serve Appetizers

No matter what hour of the day you choose to celebrate your wedding, once the ceremony is over, the attention turns to dancing and mingling.

Serving appetizers are a great way to kickstart the event and are a cost-efficient option for you to make sure your guests can enjoy the party as well as some refreshments.

A wide range of appetizers is a great alternative to the traditional, plated meal and can still be served in a creative way that doesn’t take away from the beauty of your day.

Depending on the arrangement of your reception, you can pick out appetizer stations that require a few servers or hire a catering service that can plate up a variety of fancy finger foods and small bites for your guests.

Another advantage of choosing to serve up appetizers is that you can pick cold and hot choices for your guests. From shrimp cocktails and mini crab cakes to sandwiches, the options are endless.

One rule to keep in mind though is that if you are serving appetizers at your reception be sure to inform your guests in advance so they know what to expect.

Leave out Plated Meals

The most expensive option when it comes to wedding catering is plated meals. This serving style can require a lot of attention to detail that takes your event well above the budget you planned for.

Instead, choose a DIY station where your guests can interact with the chef and come up with creative ways to enjoy their meal.

This not only trims off your expenses but also gives your guests the power to customize what is being served to them, ensuring that they are left with full bellies and content hearts.

You can set up a pasta bar, sushi bar, bruschetta bar, or better yet even a taco station. This affordable wedding catering idea leaves no room for regret and gets you your money’s worth.

Host a Brunch Wedding

If you are looking for a traditional menu that is fulfilling and flows best after a beautiful ceremony then a brunch catering menu is ideal.

Opting for brunch allows you to substitute more expensive cuisine for one that is affordable and still delicious.

Include some classic breakfast items like scrambled eggs, sausages, and pancakes along with grilled chicken, salad, or sandwiches. You can even set up a coffee and tea station to complement your meal.

When keeping to a traditional, elegant vibe—brunch options are your hero.

Create an unforgettable day with Affordable Wedding Catering

Having the wedding day of your dreams is still possible without breaking the bank.

All it requires is for you to explore affordable wedding catering options that suit you and your budget, and then partner with a professional wedding caterer that can bring it all to life.

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