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A Halloween Party is one unlike any other.

This is your night to go all out, dress up as your favorite horror movie character and eat a range of fun, themed, and experimental dishes.

A party, however, also requires a lot of planning. An all-out Halloween party will include getting the costumes, the decor, the lights, the music, and the perfect playlists prepared. In the process of setting up the perfect ambiance and spooky atmosphere though, food preparation and serving may be the last thing on your mind.

If you’re in a fix or you want to make sure your party food is themed, you can try out a Halloween party catering service to get your favorite themed dishes to your doorstep and even better, have them served!

To order from your trusted catering service, you need to communicate exactly what you need in your menu, and this means first getting your ideas ready.


Here are some menu ideas that are the best mix of delicious, gross, and spooky!

Fingerlicking Appetizers

Appetizers give you so many opportunities to experiment with new foods, especially ones that match the Halloween theme best.

Ordering good appetizers will also give your guests something to have while enjoying all the dancing and moving around.

A Halloween menu without finger food—literal finger food—is unheard of. Cheddar witches fingers or witch-finger cookies are some things you can order without a doubt when you plan the Halloween party catering menu.

Graveyard crackers with taco dip, for example, is another all-time favorite for Halloween.

Halloween parties are not your average parties—snacks are a definite must-have as are some proper meals.

Pumpkins—Pumpkins Everywhere!

Halloween Themed Party Planning

There’s nothing called too much pumpkin on Halloween. Whatever your party theme is, you can never go wrong with pumpkin dishes.

Some seasonal favorites that you can easily order from Halloween party catering services are pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin bread rolls, and pumpkin spice martini.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional fall and Halloween food alone. It’s your Halloween party so go a little wild with your food.

Some creative foods you can add are pumpkin cheese balls—which are pumpkin-shaped cheeseballs and jack-o’-lanterns made with stuffed bell peppers.

Technically not all of these are made using pumpkins but don’t worry, they’ll fit right in with the rest of the seasonal aesthetic.

Treat your Guests to Wicked Desserts

Every party guest will have some space for dessert.

Desserts that you can readily order with spooky decor are cupcakes, cookies, cake, and candy—monster cupcakes, Frankenstein cupcakes or skeleton cookies are special favorites on Halloween.

Or, you can simply get your dessert menu straight from TV!

Of all the types of themes for Halloween parties out there, horror-themed or Halloween movies and shows are one of the all-time loved themes.

So if you want to display something like the iconic cake from the Blank Space music video, don’t worry, no one will judge you.

Keep in mind that for customized food and drinks, you will need to make your orders a little early so your Halloween party catering company can deliver them to you, right on time.

Drinks all Around

Make sure to plan some spooky cocktails on your menu. You can never go wrong with a blood-orange blackberry cocktail dripping from a glass liquid vampire and Bloody Marys.

Another classic for a Halloween party is butterbeer; you won’t see anyone disliking it and it’s certainly not a rare drink to find.

If your party is also extended to kids, or if it’s only for kids, you will, of course, have to tone down the alcohol. Instead, you can add drink choices like fruit punch with an extra touch of red, customized vanilla shakes made to look like ghost milkshakes or Frankenstein smoothies.

Something like a slime punch can also recreate the Halloween feeling for kids.

Enjoy a spooky but Delicious Menu with Halloween Party Catering

While food preparation for a party as detailed as a Halloween party can be fun, it also requires a lot of attention to detail, for best effects.

Not only are you preparing a creative menu, but you are also trying to match your food with your theme, and try recipes that are far from traditional.

Instead of worrying about it, you can simply plan your menu and let experts take care of the rest—for a spooky Halloween party and a trouble-free evening!

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