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The festive season is coming to an end, and you know what that means—it’s time to welcome an exciting new year!

And what better way to celebrate the coming year than to throw a nice New Year’s Eve dinner party for your friends and family?

New Year’s Eve parties are some of the best events to host. Friends and family get together to catch up with the latest gossip, exchange funny stories, and enjoy the feeling of being around those you love.

Of course, how great your New Year’s Eve party is depends on your skills as a host and the catering. Speaking of catering, it’s a serious business—it’s the end of a long and eventful year and your guests are going to expect an amazing meal before saying goodbye to the old year!

So let’s take a look at five delicious catering ideas for New Year’s Eve dinner that you can treat your guests to.

1. Opt for Turkey and Chicken

It’s a New Year’s Eve party but that doesn’t mean you can’t have turkey! But why not add some chicken dishes as well?

Instead of opting for a traditional whole turkey, you could go for sliced turkey. This can be an interesting twist to the usual way turkey is served for your guests and you can throw in a nice selection of dips and sauces to go with it.

As for the chicken, there’s a plethora of options that you can try out, like juicy stuffed chicken breast, baked chicken, fried chicken, and some crispy chicken tenders too!

If you’re expecting many guests, chicken dishes are ideal. Since you can have wings, drumsticks, and thighs, there should be more than enough chicken to go around. Also, try including chicken cooked in various ways to delight guests with different tastes. For example, treat your guests to a selection of jumbo wing cuts with flavors ranging from mild to spicy.

2. Ham it Up

If you’re not really up for chicken and turkey for your New Year’s Eve party, you can’t go wrong with maple-glazed ham!

A sweet-and-savory maple glazed ham isn’t just a wonderful centerpiece for your dinner table—it’s a holiday favorite that you can be sure everyone loves. Another great thing about this dish is that it goes nicely with many side dishes, like mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, and macaroni and cheese.

If ham isn’t enough, include some tasty roast beef as a second main dish.

3. Remember the Veggies

Not everyone is a fan of meat and you might have a few guests who’re either vegetarian or vegan. So make sure to add some delicious veggie dishes to the New Year party dinner spread!

Some wonderful veggie dishes you can include are vegetarian lasagna, Au Gratin potatoes, green bean almondine, buttered corn niblets, potato salad, and coleslaw. For a twist, you can even try including veggie garden wraps with some tasty Italian dressing on the side.

In addition, you can add a choice veggie platter with a fresh assortment of seasonal veggies with dips and maybe even some vegan cheeses.

4. Throw in Some Stuffed Goodies

If you’re looking for some tasty little side dishes to accompany your main course, try adding some tasty stuffed dishes.

There are many great stuffed dishes out there, ranging from savory to spicy. Some nice stuffed side dishes include stuffed peppers, stuffed shells marinara, stuffed cabbage, and stuffed banana peppers if regular stuffed peppers are a bit too spicy.

5. Give a Seasonal Pie Treat

And finally—dessert! It’s a New Year’s Eve party, so hold the chocolate pudding and ice cream—these are a bit too basic. Your catering for your New Year’s Eve dinner should include some pie—not just any pie, but seasonal fruit pies.

Some delicious fruit pies that scream “Happy New Year” include the beloved apple pie, blackberry pie, and the iconic holiday delicacy—pumpkin pie!

If you want to add some other sweet treats, you can throw in some chocolate chip cookies, lady locks and brownies for good measure. It’s dessert and there are so many great options so let your catering ideas for New Year’s Eve dinner run wild!

Get some great catering ideas for New Year’s Eve parties

Brainstorming catering ideas for New Year’s Eve dinner isn’t always easy. The holiday season is a pretty busy time of the year so planning a menu might not be on your to-do list.

To plan out a truly spectacular menu for your upcoming New Year’s Eve party, get in touch with a local catering company that offers great catering menu packages for delicious catering ideas for New Year’s Eve dinner.

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