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Be it your high school diploma or college graduation, a celebration is well-deserved after surviving all the chaos!

Whether it is your graduation party or if you’re hosting one for someone else, food is a very important component to elevate the celebrations—and sometimes, it’s the element that attendees mostly look forward to. So serving low-quality or sub-par food is not an option.

This is where a professional catering company can help—so that whether you’re organizing the party or want to partake in the activities, you won’t have an added burden.

In this blog post are four delicious menu ideas that will not only lighten up the table but also the moods of your guests and leave them wanting seconds.

1. Assorted Appetizer Trays

The best graduation parties always start with an array of individual appetizers, but why not change things up and serve up some delicious appetizers on a tray?

You can opt for an assorted cheese tray, or if you want to take it one step further, you can ask your catering company if they have trays that not only include cheese but also meat, fruit, and vegetable options.

The best tray would be one that has a little bit of everything so that there’s something for everyone. Make sure, however, to get a tray that only contains vegetables and fruits for vegetarians and vegans.

2. Stuffed or Roasted Entrées

Graduation parties typically have classmates taking a trip down memory lane reminiscing the memories they’ll cherish. If you want them to similarly recall their graduation party fondly, good, memorable food to accompany the sentiments is the way to go.

It’s hard to forget a well-prepared stuffed or roasted entrée—whether it’s chicken, beef, pork, or even cabbage or peppers.

Stuffed and roasted entrées offer the fancy atmosphere you’d want to create without trying too hard—and it also allows a proper sit-down dinner so that all attendees get to mingle.

3. Varied Colorful Sides

Sides to accompany the entrées are a classic option that you simply can’t pass on at a graduation party. No one can resist a colorful side, so be sure to consider adding a few sides to elevate the grandeur of the event.

By opting for colorful sides like coleslaw, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and salads, you can light up the table and be sure to offer everyone’s go-to side with such an array.

If you want to serve up fresh vegetables, like carrot sticks, a dip like a spicy tahini dip or a creamy feta dip would be a great addition to a flavorful feast.

4. Customized Desserts

No graduation party is complete without a sweet treat to settle your stomach from all that excitement. A customized dessert can be the literal cherry on top of the occasion and make sure you or your loved ones have a meal to remember.

While you can ask your catering company to serve up the usual brownies, cupcakes, or cookies offered at a graduation party, having a customized cake, perhaps with “Congratulations, Class of ‘XX” iced on it will be a lovely touch.

Such a dessert can add a level of personalization to the occasion and honestly, who doesn’t love a yummy slice of cake?

A meal for Graduation Parties that will be as Memorable as the Occasion

Graduation parties indicate the closing of a chapter—so for you to have the best menu for your party, whether it’s for you or you’re hosting it for someone else, it’s always advisable to hire a professional catering service after browsing their catering menu packages, to guarantee a delicious spread.

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