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In 2021, there was a total of 11,257 Weddings held in the metropolitan area of Pittsburgh PA, with an average cost of a Wedding being around $27,243.

Catering can end up contributing a lot to this cost, with food being one of the most important and difficult aspects of planning a wedding.

What should I budget? What food should I avoid? What sort of catering ought I to order? How can I spend less money on this? These are all questions you may have when planning your wedding.

You may feel a little overwhelmed, but fret not, as we have a comprehensive guide on how you can plan out your wedding catering in Pittsburgh PA seamlessly so that you get the best catering experience for your budget.

What does Catering for Weddings include?

The majority of wedding catering companies in Pittsburgh PA have the same standard packages, although they may differ slightly from caterer to caterer. The following are some of the components of such catering packages:

  • Meal: Depending on the catering style, wedding food prices can vary.
  • Drinks: Depending on the package, it’s likely that your caterer will be in charge of all the drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike. You can either go BYOB and pay a corkage fee, or you can get cocktail service from a different vendor or mobile bar.
  • Staffing: This includes bartenders, servers, cooks, and other employees. The type of food you select will also affect staffing; for instance, a buffet option might not call for servers.
  • Rentals: Your caterer may offer items like seats, tables, plates, or glassware, but be careful to double-check what their options are. If these goods don’t fit your theme, you can always find another source to hire them from, and other locations may even offer them.

What sort of Catering should you Order?

These days, there’s a wide range of options at your disposal, including types of catering. There are so many wonderful options for couples to select from, and this may be the cause of the recent increase in the price of wedding catering in Pittsburgh.

Sit-down catering is the most popular option, with more than half of all weddings choosing this option. This is where food is served to the tables for guests to eat.

Buffet catering is also quite popular—it’s an informal catering style where guests serve themselves.

In recent years, however, food trucks and interactive stations have surpassed buffets in terms of popularity, as they offer a little more excitement than a regular buffet.

Finger foods, which is food that’s served to be eaten using your fingers, is also a simple and popular method of catering, as it allows diners to socialize while eating.

What can you do to Cut Costs on Catering?

On average, for PA weddings, costs came up to an average of $349 per guest in 2020. This includes costs outside just catering.

Often, a US wedding caterer will charge around $70 per person for food or $85 per person for both food and drinks.

If you want to stay within your budget, here are some cost-cutting tips:

  • Ensure the accuracy of your guest count: Encourage your guests to confirm their participation in advance so you can stay on top of your numbers. This will cut costs and minimize food waste.
  • Make careful choices when it comes to alcohol: It will probably be one of the greatest costs on your catering bill. Ask your caterer if you can bring your liquor and wine bottles for a corkage fee or if you should just stick to beer, wine, and soft drinks at the bar.
  • Avoid serving appetizers: By forgoing the serving of appetizers, you can save money on preparation and labor. Instead of waiting for a server to assist them, most visitors choose to do it themselves.
  • Cut the fancy: There’s no need to overdo it with menu items that aren’t necessary and will merely drive up the cost of the catering. Forget about the steak, lobster, truffles, and other fine foods. Choose catering that fits your wedding’s style and budget.
  • Use regional items that are in season: Discuss using regional produce with your caterer. Using locally grown produce can result in lower expenses because off-season items will increase in cost.
  • Think about having a daytime wedding: This might help you save money on catering as well as other expenses. Brunch might be more affordable than dinner.

What do you ask the Caterer for your Wedding?

When planning wedding catering in Pittsburgh PA, it’s important to communicate with your caterer to ensure that they’ll be able to meet all your requirements.

To ensure that you’re getting the best deal, here are some questions you can ask when deciding on a caterer:

  • Can we alter the menus?
  • Can you accommodate a variety of dietary needs?
  • What’s included and what’s not included in the menu packages?
  • What’s included in the tastings that are offered?
  • What country does your food come from?
  • What types of beverages are offered?
  • How many servers will be on duty that day?

Get the Right Wedding Catering in Pittsburgh, PA

The most important rule with wedding catering in Pittsburgh PA is to always know your requirements and ensure that you have found a caterer that’s willing to work to deliver on your requests.

If you’ve picked a reputable caterer, done the math, and made plans in advance, your wedding guests are bound to have a top-notch catering service experience, and you’ll in turn have a hassle-free, special day.

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