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A funeral is usually something that happens very unexpectedly and planning something of this nature while grieving is something that nobody wants to do.

One way to make the planning easier on you is by hiring a funeral food catering service.

A funeral food catering service will provide you with all the things you’d expect from a regular catering service while being empathetic and mindful during this period of grief.

As long as your caterers are informed of what is expected of the service beforehand, they will take care of everything related to the food.

You shouldn’t need to worry about things like shopping for groceries, making the food, having the equipment ready at the venue, serving the food, packing leftovers, and cleaning everything up afterward; and with funeral catering services you don’t need to.

This will take a lot of the pressure off you on the day in question.

When hiring a funeral catering service, here are some details about the funeral service that will help you make the right catering calls for the service to run as smoothly as possible.

What are the Dietary requirements of the guests?

Trying to cater to everyone’s tastes is impossible and unnecessary. But catering to the dietary requirements of your guests is essential.

Having vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will ensure that no one is left out and will also add variety to your spread. So, ensure that you hire a funeral food catering service that has these options available.

You should also take into account whether children will be attending, as they tend to prefer simpler foods. A complex menu will likely not be suitable for them.

Catering to these demographics doesn’t need to mean a great deal of effort. You just need to make sure your catering service is informed and they will do the needful.

Something that a lot of people like to do is commemorate the deceased by serving some of their favorite foods as well, so talk to your catering service to see if they can accommodate that personalization.

What Equipment will be needed?

Every venue comes with its own equipment requirements.

Having a memorial or funeral service at home can create an intimate and personal setting for your guests, and it can also be more convenient because there will already be some utensils available like serving dishes, tableware, glasses, linens, as well as basic kitchen services.

Most other locations will have limited facilities and equipment.

To avoid the hassle of missing equipment, inform your catering company beforehand of what is already available at the location of your choice so that they can bring everything else required to cater for the event.

Professional caterers will be able to provide things like heating and cooling equipment, dishes, centerpieces, and cleaning supplies.

Make sure you give them a rough estimate for the number of guests and your catering services will come prepared.

When will the Service be held?

Services that coincide with a regular mealtime, often mean that your guests may expect a very different spread compared to if the service is held between mealtimes.

If you’re looking to get a full meal catered then you should choose between offering your guests a self-service buffet, passing around hors d’oeuvres, or even a formal seated dinner.

Alternatively, if the service is held between meals then it’s more appropriate to provide a few light snacks and appetizers along with some tea and coffee. It all depends on the type of service you are hosting and if you’re looking for affordable event catering.

Taking the pressure off yourself

Often with funerals, you have a limited time to plan, which means that when you’re going through the motions it’s easy to overlook some of the finer details, especially when considering a funeral food catering service.

Knowing what is needed and what has to be considered will allow you to plan this aspect of the service much quicker and minus the stress so that you can be more present for yourself and the people that need you.

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