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You know what’s better than having lunch with your friends and colleagues? Having lunch with them in the great outdoors!

Picnics are a great way to break free from the confines of your home or office and just enjoy nature—and a tasty meal too. Whether you’re having a picnic for your family or you’re planning a big corporate outdoor picnic for your co-workers, lunch boxes are a good option.

The great thing about picnic lunch box catering is that it’s super convenient! There are all kinds of great dishes you can include in your picnic lunch box. Also, your guests can take their lunches home with them if they’re not feeling hungry during the event.

Here are some picnic lunch box catering ideas you can try for your next family or corporate picnic event:

1. Fried Chicken Box

A fried chicken box may sound like an overly simple meal, but hear us out—a list of picnic lunch box catering ideas won’t be complete without some chicken!

In addition to a generous portion of fried chicken, you can put in some tasty sides, like crispy fries, a helping of coleslaw, or potato salad. You can also add some refreshments, like a small bottle of soda pop, too.

2. BBQ Pork

Everyone loves BBQ, so why not include some BBQ pork in your picnic lunch box? Some great pulled pork dishes for picnic lunch boxes are sandwiches—a picnic staple—and wraps.

Make sure to include some tasty dips and veggies of your choice in there as well. Of course, you can just have the pulled pork as it is in the lunch boxes, without any bread. In this case, you could mix the pulled pork with some vegetables and make it a salad.

3. Hamburgers or Sliders

Here is another picnic favorite—hamburgers! The great thing about hamburgers is that they’re super versatile; beef, chicken, fish fillet, or vegetables—there are so many fillings you can put in them!

Now, we all love a big juicy hamburger, but you don’t want it taking up too much space in your guest’s picnic lunch box. So try making them into sliders instead. Sliders are just hamburgers, but much smaller, making them a great addition to any lunch box. Don’t forget to include veggie burgers for your vegetarian and vegan guests!

4. Hotdogs

Like hamburgers, hot dogs are also a great option for picnic lunch boxes. You could include two kinds of hotdogs—one with the works and the other without. Some guests may not be fans of sauces and veggies, so having plain hotdogs on the menu might be a good choice.

If you use beef sausages for the hotdogs, include some chicken tenders on the side, along with a few dips.

5. Salad Box

If you’re looking for healthier picnic lunch box catering ideas, salads are the way to go! There is a huge variety of salads that you can choose from, such as potato salad, Caesar salad, three-bean salad, macaroni salad, and coleslaw.

Along with the salad, you can also throw in a hearty serving of macaroni and cheese.

6. Desserts

It wouldn’t be a picnic lunch box without any desserts now would it? To satisfy your guests’ sweet teeth, add in some delicious desserts. Some great picnic dessert options include muffins, fruits, cake, apple pie, cookies, brownies, and lemon squares.

For guests who cannot have sugar, make sure to include boxes with sugar-free desserts.

7. Assortments

If you want to give your guests more variety, include a selection of dishes in your picnic lunch. The box can include a mix of all the options we’ve covered above.

For example, fried chicken with salad, BBQ pulled pork and chicken, fried chicken sandwiches with fruits, and hamburgers with desserts and salads.

Which picnic lunch box catering ideas are you going for?

Picnics are a great way to connect with family, friends, and colleagues while enjoying a good meal. Work with a reliable catering service offering a good picnic catering menu to plan out a great picnic lunch experience for your guests.

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