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Food connects everyone—it’s one of the Best ways to Encourage Socialization and Interaction, especially in the Office.

After all, humans are the ultimate social animal. We thrive on social interaction, and it has been shown to improve mental health by fending off feelings of loneliness.

This is one of the many reasons that corporate catering can mean a lot to your employees.

Not only does it provide them with an ample amount of nutrition to continue with their work for the day, but it also gives them a chance to sit together and enjoy a meal.

So here are all the reasons why you should consider corporate catering for your office, and how Cooked Goose Catering can help to ensure that all your employees are happy and motivated.

Improves Office Culture

Most office workers spend almost a third of their day at the office.

This is a significant amount of time, so enjoying the place they work and the people they work with is important for all employees.

Lunch is often the best way for employees to socialize together, yet almost half of all meals consumed by American adults are consumed alone.

Eating together as a team has improved communication among colleagues, strengthened relationships, built trust, and increased happiness and job satisfaction.

The positive effects of eating together have become so apparent that leading organizations like Google have made it a priority.

By providing food to your employees, your company is investing in all these benefits of having colleagues eat together.

By bettering office relationships through food, you can in turn better collaboration and productivity, and even retain employees.

Cooked Goose Catering, with our corporate catering, can provide the perfect warm meals for your employees to enjoy together.

Enhances Productivity

According to the Hawthorne studies, job performance improves when more attention is paid to workers and their well-being.

Lunch provided by the office can show employees that the company truly cares about them, and thereby improve productivity at work.

One of the biggest pitfalls of employees going out to grab a quick bite is that it ends up turning into an extended lunch break that can drag out the work day.

Providing your employees with catered lunches can allow them to interact with other colleagues and then quickly get back to work on time.

It also provides your employees with a set time during which lunch is available, allowing them to manage their time much better.

For others who are prone to eating at their desks for lunch, offering catered lunches through a catering company like Cooked Goose Catering can encourage them to take a break from work to recharge. This not only encourages a better work-life balance but also enhances productivity at work.

Promotes Better Eating Habits

Providing free lunch or breakfast to your employees is also a great opportunity to show that you care about their health and well-being.

Serving well-balanced meals can show that the company values health and wellness, and can give employees the much-needed push to start practicing better eating habits.

Constantly eating out can take a toll on your employees’ physical health, but promoting better eating habits within the office can help keep your employees healthy. After all, a healthy worker is a happy worker!

Healthy employees not only seldom get sick, but they also become less susceptible to chronic disease, costing employers less in terms of health insurance and potential sick days, making healthy lunches a win-win for both employers and employees.

With this goal in mind, Cooked Goose Catering can help create a healthy lunch catering menu for your employees to enjoy.

Helps your Company Stand out from the Rest

Even if you’re not ready to implement free lunches every day of the week, the occasional office catering event can still be very beneficial.

Whether it’s Monday morning breakfasts to encourage employees to come to work bright and early after the long weekend or a Friday afternoon lunch to celebrate the end of the work week, there are plenty of opportunities to show employee appreciation.

This can help you stand out from the competition, as such catering will be considered a perk, giving your company a competitive advantage when recruiting new employees and encouraging current employees to stay on.

Cooked Goose Catering can help you Create your Corporate Catering Menu

Cooked Goose Catering offers various office catering services that can be tailored to your needs.

So bring your employees together with the fresh and delicious food that they deserve and watch your office transform into a vibrant work environment that everyone will love to be a part of!

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