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Couples aren’t the only ones having their emotions tested this year.

While wedding vendors are all about helping our clients, we’ve been thrown enough curve balls and plot twists for the century. However, we quickly find ways to improvise and throw right back because it’s what we do!

As with everything this year, we’ve loved seeing the ways vendors have gotten creative to not only help clients but more importantly keep their business afloat. We chatted with wedding planners Ali and Samantha of Wanderlust Weddings and Events to see how their business has been affected along with how their clients are hanging in there.

We’ve had the honor of working with these ladies a few times and if you’re seeking planners for weddings or other events, they are a pleasure to work alongside! It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we’ve worked together but we can’t resume large celebrations like Katie + Anthony’s wedding last September!

What are the biggest challenges for you right now?

The biggest challenge for us is working with clients to postpone and shift their weddings to later in the year or move them completely to next year. We are having a hard time shifting brides to some 2021 dates as we already had a handful of prime dates in 2021 already taken. Also, with all of the CDC guidelines and constant changes in rules (and spikes in the virus cases) we are having a hard time figuring out what venues are doing and allowing what. Some privately owned venues are offering different rules than some corporate larger venues – it’s very hard to differentiate who the heck is doing and allowing what.

Have you shifted your business to offer other products or services during this time?

We have not shifted our business much. We have so many panicked clients that we are spending an abundance of time with our clients who need help shifting and moving. However, we are offering more planning hours and services added as addendums to client’s contracts if they need more help. For example, if we booked a day-of client who shifted their wedding from April to November but now needs more help in finding a new venue or wedding decor vendors, we offer additional services to add to their package. This has helped clients relax and know we have their backs in basically replanning their wedding all together.

While none of this has been ideal for anyone, has anything positive come out of this for you?

The positive has definitely been the downtime on the weekends and being at home. I have a 10 month old son and my husband and I have both been home for 3+ months much more than we ever would have been during his first year of life. Also, Samantha had a baby on June 18th – so while she is enjoying her maternity leave, she also had several months off before the baby came to spend at home with her family and first daughter and prepped a lot for the new baby. COVID-19 has certainly reminded us to slow down and remember too what’s important outside of weddings and other people’s love stories.

Do you have any upcoming events in the near future?

Wanderlust had a gender-reveal event this weekend that hosted 50 people. It was at an outdoor bar venue so it wasn’t too stuffy or germ-feeling. It was weird finally running an event again but was nice it was smaller to get back into the swing of things! We have a small wedding on July 25th, a church ceremony with 27 people and a dinner party at Piccolo Forno following. The couple has moved their 250 guest list reception to next July 2021.

Are there ways clients can support your business in the meantime?

Clients can support us by leaving reviews and sharing our posts/pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Any way to get our name out there and share that they have felt confident while working with us during a pandemic is super appreciative and helpful.

For more information about our wedding catering services, please contact us today at 412-258-5944!

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