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With a brand new year upon us, most of us are still in the mood to celebrate before settling back into our daily routine.

If you’re hosting a gathering for the new year or any other celebration, having a selection of desserts for your guests to enjoy is the perfect way to end a meal.

The perfect dessert menu would be full of delicious treats, ranging from classic desserts to unique and creative sweet delicacies. But preparing such a variety of desserts is a task best left to a reputable catering service as with many years of experience under their belt, they can whip up some delectable desserts.

If you’re a resident of PA or planning to host your event in the area, make sure to request a dessert catering menu in Pittsburgh from a local catering company to make your gathering even more memorable.

How can you put together the Best Dessert Catering Menu in Pittsburgh?

Try incorporating some classic desserts that most guests are familiar with if some guests prefer eating traditional desserts.

For some classic sweet treats, assorted cupcakes are always a good idea. You can choose to go with simple flavors like vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with frosting or you can opt for some decadent flavors such as coffee, red velvet, peanut butter, and carrot cake.

If you prefer to serve your guests a heartier dessert, however, consider a buttercream frosting cake or a chocolate torte. A cake lets your guests decide if they want a small slice or a big one to finish off their meal.

Cookies are a great addition to any dessert table as they are easy to eat and come in a variety of different flavors. Include an assortment of cookies from the classic sugar cookie to chocolate chip, peanut butter, and snickerdoodle. Sticking to the smaller desserts option, you can even include macarons.

The best dessert catering menu in Pittsburgh will have a variety of the above-mentioned go-to desserts so guests can pick their favorite and indulge.

How can you Incorporate Specialty Desserts into your Dessert Spread?

If you want to make the dessert spread a truly unique experience for your guests, on the contrary, a reputable catering company can provide a range of specialty desserts upon request.

Consider including sweet treats such as pies made of seasonal fruits like cherry and peach or more decadent flavors like coconut cream or peanut butter cream, or brownies which are a decadent, chocolatey treat that everyone enjoys—apart from the classic chocolate brownie, cookies and cream and caramel are popular flavors.

Instead of laying out the desserts on a table for your guests to enjoy, your caterer can recommend setting up a dessert bar that includes a selection of mini desserts that will allow your guests to taste each one.

Select a Dessert Catering Menu in Pittsburgh for your next Gathering

No matter the kind of event or gathering you’re planning, the perfect dessert catering menu is out there.

With a little creativity and some help from a professional caterer, you can create a dessert catering menu in Pittsburgh that will impress your guests with a lineup of desserts that they’re bound to remember.

Get in touch with a catering company that offers the best catering in Pittsburgh for a one-of-a-kind dessert spread.

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